Napa valley trip part II

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Day two was our first full day and started out with a busy day.

We were doing the Legacy Wine Train

This is a must do. They have multiple options for time and price. We chose the 4.5 hour ride, 4 course meal, and 3 winery options.

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Once we boarded the train

We were greeted with a champagne toast

And our menu for the ride. Our first course wS a breakfast style meal. Blueberry crepes. BBQ back-fat type of bacon and eggs with caviar.

Our first winery stop was Robert Mondavi

The winery is gorgeous. The art is spectacular and the wine was good. Even without doing the wine train I would highly recommend this winery for the scenery.

Then we got back on the train when we were given 2 options for our main course. Steak or salmon.

I chose the tenderloin with potato salad and hollandaise sauce, which was very good.

I also had a cucumber refresher which was Prosecco with cucumbers to switch up the flavors but still stick to wine.

Our next stop was Charles krug winery.

As far as wine tastings go this was my favorite winery. Our tour guide gave a great tour as well as options to try other wines which we ended up purchasing.

Then we got back on the train for our next course.

Which was a ricotta type cheese with olives and flat bread.

Then we stopped at our last winery V.sattui

This tasting was set up a little different as the wines were on the table for each person as they went through them because of the size of people.

Then we were free to kind of wonder the property. It was pretty busy and family friendly. This seemed like a great place to hang out and spend some time if you had kids or free time.

Then we got back on the train for the last course and the ride back to the station.

Then after getting off the wine train we went over to cru where we hung out on the patio and had more wine. It was a very cute chill place. Then a few hours later we went to a seafood place that was very good as well.

Then as if we hadn’t had enough food we got our Uber to take us on a late night trip to in and out. It was so busy and full of families and teens. We got the fries monster style and they were good.

Then we got to bed because we had an early morning for the hot air ballon.

Over all I highly recommend the wine train any of them would be wonderful.

If you have any questions feel free to ask! I hope you get the chance to go! It is truly an amazing time.

Napa Valley travel guide I

Family trips/ reviews

Wine wine and more wine.

It was a fabulous time we didn’t stop from the time our feet hit Cali to the time we went up in the hot air ballon. I can’t even tell you how much fooood and drinks I had their but it was so worth it.

Our flight was delayed by over an hour which put us behind our tight schedule.

Our first stop was Castello di amorosa

We were suppose to have the guided tour but due to our delay we missed it and only had time for a short tasting. In the off season everything closes around 5 pm as far as wineries which seemed early but is the norm there.

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Not going to lie I am sad we didn’t get to do the tour because I have heard great things and their staff was not super friendly as we arrived close to closing and their wine was mediocre. If you go I highly suggest doing to tour as far as a photo opt it’s beautiful.

We had a little extra time before dinner since we didn’t get the tour and was told about this cute little place down the road.

Brass wood which was super cute and intimate. We had the daily hand spun mozzarella and when I tell you I could have had 10 more plates I could have.

It was quite when we got there but filled up fast with reservations so I would make sure you make reservations.

We just shared a few things there as we had dinner somewhere else but everything here was exceptional.

Next our dinner was at Farmstead.

It is a highly recommended restaurant with great reviews. The name is exactly as it says a little farm style restaurant. It was again quite busy and we had to wait even with reservations.

We had a few plates of the pimento cheese deviled eggs which were so yummy. We were also celebrating birthday so they brought each of us our own ice cream with candle.

Over all the dining experience was wonderful.

I would recommend renting a car or car service before arrival as ubering every got quite pricey.

This was our first night there and it was fantastic filled with great food, drinks, and company. But just wait until day two.

Willamette valley

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What is your usual adult only trip? For us it’s tropical, but this year we ditched our norm. I wanted quiet and relaxing. Plus good food and wine!

So between google and research I found the perfect location.

Willamette Valley, Newberg, Oregon.

I found the absolute perfect hotel in the valley with the best vineyards around, luxury spa, and great restaurants.

We stayed at The Allison. It was quiet and perfect. The restaurant was great, the indoor pool was amazing, and the couples massage was top notch.

Our dinner the first night was fun and delish. I love an 8 course tasting meal and if you have never tried one your missing out on the best dining experience.

The painted lady had an awesome dining experience with great service!

Then we had a full day of wine touring. There are so many great and small local family owned wineries in the valley. There are also some larger ones, but the small ones we wouldn’t be able to get their wines on our grocery store shelves in Texas. So we ordered about 6 bottles from the 3 wineries we visited.

We visited Rocco Winery, Anna Anme, Tristeuem.

There is tons of small local restaurants that all have very fresh and yummy food.

We tried out Subterra a wine cellar restaurant for lunch and the food was delish and fresh. The restaurant was super cute to in an old wine cellar.

Then we got some snow which they said is unusual for February, but it was beautiful. However we decided for a change of scenery so we took an hour and a half drive through the mountains to Pacific City on the coat.

We stoped at a new resort out there on the coast called Headlends Lodge. It would be the perfect place to stay in the summer!

We have a charcuterie board to share with a cup of clam chowder. The food was great, the view was amazing, and the restaurant was relaxing.

Then on the way back from the coast we stopped in McMinnville on 3rd street. It is a cute local street with great restaurants, tasting rooms, shopping, and art. We enjoyed waking the street and got a few souvenirs to bring home for the kids.

We ate at a cute little yummy tapas bar to end the night.

I enjoyed that we could see mountains, snow, beach, valleys and within a 2 hour drive.

We had awesome fresh food and amazing wine. The people were friendly and fun. I would love to take the kids back to the coast in the summer. It’s beautiful and quiet.

I highly recommend the trip if you are looking for somewhere different to go on an adult only weekend trip.

Ending with a mimosa at the airport on the way home!

If you have any questions or want more recommendations send me a message.

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