Back to school bento box

bento boxes

Y’all some days I go alll out and other days I throw it in a bag. ūü§£

So don’t think I always have it together and do it well. But I do enjoy creativity and food so this is fun for me.

Angry bird bento box

I made a grilled cheese and cut it in strips to use to build a fort then used green grapes and black gel.

I used Baybel cheese to create an angry bird and a kiwi as the monster.

Then black olives with carrot piece as a nose. It isn’t perfection but the concept is there.


Minions is one of our favorite movies so what better way to create a bento box.

I used a Hostess Twinkie and black icing Edible eye ball then I did the same thing with a banana.

I used mini corn dogs with edible eyeballs to create little minions.

Dooo doooo dooo dooo baby shark

Because who doesn’t want that song stuck in their head?

I used kitchen scissors to cut a shark like shape out of the bread for the sandwich.

Then I made blue jello and cut a pair to make the waves. I added goldfish, berries for ocean and yogurt raisins.

Spring time bento box

I used a hot dog and crescent roll to make a snail then I used a flower cookie cutter to make watermelon flowers.

I added blue jello for the sky and green grapes for the grass.

Ohh the kids loved this chicken and waffles theme.

This is super easy. I used frozen mini waffles and frozen chicken nuggets. I added Cascadian cereal, Greek yogurt, apples with cinnamon, and natural honey for dipping !

We love our Bentgo container

They are perfect for keeping things separate and dish wash great!

I hope you enjoyed some of my ideas. If you make any I would love to see!

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bento boxes

Hey, I know packing lunch can be frustrating and sometimes you don’t know what to pack. But, I am here to help! I have some fun ideas and they seriously take barley anytime. I enjoy meal planning and grocery shopping, not everyone does. So, for those who want some help or don’t feel that they are creative, I am here to help!

First up is the DINO BENTO BOX, because lets face it most 3 year olds are obsessed with Dinos.


Promise this BENTO BOX IS EASY PEASY: Just takes a little planning and supplies.

It is lunch meat with a cheese dino made from a cookie cutter on amazon. DINO COOKIE CUTTER.

Broccoli trees and cucumber forest.

BOILED DINO EGG over olive rocks. Use a food color pen to draw the “cracked egged.” This pen will come in handy!¬†¬†food color pen.

Container for ranch for the veggies because lets face it, if your toddler eat veggies they need ranch right? mini containers

Plus, I threw in an extra vegan muffin for more food. We get them at our local HEB and the kids love them. Low sugar, real ingredients, no dairy!

Next Bento box up is… OUT OF THIS WORLD BENTO BOX


SERIOUSLY, super easy! I made this all the night before.

I actually used a “snowflake” cookie cutter because I didn’t have a star. Literally carb balance tortilla, lunch meat, and slice of cheese. Use the cookie cutter to cute the shape out before putting it on skillet.

Next is a protein muffin with a little sugar free chocolate syrup and some sprinkles for the GALAXY. I made these protein muffins in bulk and stick some in the freezer to have on hand. I use the KODIAK MIX, with extra egg and almond milk for more protein and fat.

Then the alien apple, take a green apple cut it in half and use gel or cream cheese to stick the EYEBALLS on.

(( see it is possible to be a amazon prime mom and a pintrest mom, because all my thinks are amazon))



Cresent Octopus over pepperoni and olive rocks. To make the octopus, I used annie’s canned crescent rolls. I took one triangle and cut 7 strips. After that, I took the left over corner and cut a cheese stick piece off and rolled the crescent around it. Next, I took the legs and attached them to the head and added olive pieces for the eyes. Baked in the oven at 325f for 12 min.

Kiwi turtle cut 3 grapes in half and used a slice of kiwi, I used toothpicks to stick through the kiwi and stick through the grapes.

Then through some gold fish, because what kid doesn’t love gold fish. Oh and its easy.

But, y’all one of the best tips I can give, is making it the night before. Plus, planning. I know that part is easier said than done.

Next Bento Box, The Weather Bento Box. image4.jpeg

I used kitchen siscors to cut out a cloud, then i filled it with GREEN CREAM CHEESE from my favorite site BABY FOODE.

Blueberry rain and cheese cloud.

Once again, I used the edible marker and eyeballs linked above.

Some lunches are more creative and time consusiming than others. Besides, making the cream cheese this bento box took seconds. Make the spread the night before and it makes life so much easier!

Okay, next up on the list the the RACE CAR box. I thought it would be one of my son’s favorite because, he loves cars and apples. But, he wasn’t a big fan of the thick bread for the sandwich. I still think it is a cute idea though and can always be modified.


CAR SANDWICH using fresh baked bread at HEB with applegate turkey and cheese, using toothpicks for the cucumber tires.

Then ORANGE TRAFFIC cones, used a cheez it and cut a carrot into a triangle using ranch to stick them together.

Then stop light apples. Red, yellow, and green apples.

Last BENTO BOX for this post.




This one isn’t the prettiest but, it was fun.

I used a green spinach tortilla and used kitchen siscorrs to cut it into the shapes I wanted then filled the body of the tortilla with pizza sauce, pepperoni, and mozzarella.

Over blueberry water.

With a cheese and mac and cheese sun. I used a circle cheese and made a face with black olives and pepperoni and macaroni around the circle.


WELLLL, I hope that everyone enjoyed some fun lunch ideas. Does anyone have anything that they would like to see?

I am thinking not about themes, but maybe colors or letters. Plus, I will make one about NO sandwiches.

What are your kids favorite things to eat? Maybe I can incorporate them into some fun lunch ideas!

Have a great weekend!