Back to school bento box

bento boxes

Y’all some days I go alll out and other days I throw it in a bag. 🤣

So don’t think I always have it together and do it well. But I do enjoy creativity and food so this is fun for me.

Angry bird bento box

I made a grilled cheese and cut it in strips to use to build a fort then used green grapes and black gel.

I used Baybel cheese to create an angry bird and a kiwi as the monster.

Then black olives with carrot piece as a nose. It isn’t perfection but the concept is there.


Minions is one of our favorite movies so what better way to create a bento box.

I used a Hostess Twinkie and black icing Edible eye ball then I did the same thing with a banana.

I used mini corn dogs with edible eyeballs to create little minions.

Dooo doooo dooo dooo baby shark

Because who doesn’t want that song stuck in their head?

I used kitchen scissors to cut a shark like shape out of the bread for the sandwich.

Then I made blue jello and cut a pair to make the waves. I added goldfish, berries for ocean and yogurt raisins.

Spring time bento box

I used a hot dog and crescent roll to make a snail then I used a flower cookie cutter to make watermelon flowers.

I added blue jello for the sky and green grapes for the grass.

Ohh the kids loved this chicken and waffles theme.

This is super easy. I used frozen mini waffles and frozen chicken nuggets. I added Cascadian cereal, Greek yogurt, apples with cinnamon, and natural honey for dipping !

We love our Bentgo container

They are perfect for keeping things separate and dish wash great!

I hope you enjoyed some of my ideas. If you make any I would love to see!

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One dress three ways


Sometimes the best thing is to buy something that you can style different ways to create different outfits. Those are the items to spend more on or good denim or jackets.

I got this Leith dress from Nordstrom the other day and styled it 3 different ways.

The first of course it by itself. It could easily be dressed up or down and wore in many seasons.

I styled here as a transition to fall with this Denim dress some sandals and a fringe purse. You could also wear this denim dress buttoned up by itself.

Another way you could wear this dress is with a leopard cardigan and some espadrilles.

Leopard cardigan is from Beau Hudson which is the cutest shop started by a mom. My daughter has the matching one too.

And the last way I styled this was with a camo jacket tied around my waist which could be worn when indoor and air condition.

I wore with flats, but could defiantly be worn with some ankle booties for fall.

When buying a piece, just ask yourself how can I wear this? Is it worth the cost ?

All the clothing pieces in this were under 100$

The shoes, bags, and glasses, vary in more higher investment pieces.

If you want to see any other ways to style this dress or outfits let me know!!



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Take me to the mountains

Family trips/ reviews

Banff travel guide.

All the must dos, family friendly restaurants, and beautiful sights.

After Drumheller we made the 2.5 hr drive to Banff to spend 5 days before heading home.

We didn’t book super far in advance so that limited our hotel selection. Banff is pretty busy during the Summer since not as many people travel during the winter.

Our hotel was in the perfect location, I was walking distance to everything in downtown Banff, as well as across from a bus stop.

Plus it had the cutest and yummiest coffee shop attached to it!

Elk + Avenue Hotel

One of the places we ate which had great reviews and kid friendly was the old spaghetti factory. The place was busy and there was a wait so I was glad we made reservations, but the food was sub par. Wished we would have found a less popular restaurant maybe.

Our first adventure there was the Lake Minnewannka cruise .

It was about 15 minute drive from our hotel, we took the scenic route and saw some great wildlife on the way.

Then we got down to the lake to get on our boat for the hour cruise. This lake is beautifully nestled in the mountains with tons of history.

Our tour guide and captain were super fun and nice. They let the kids take turns driving the boat which they loved. There is also a little cafe there for snacks and ice cream.

We followed our boat ride with a trip to the hot springs.

This is a tad overrated, I was expecting a natural hot springs to be set in the mountains in its natural settings. This is built more like a pool which natural hot spring water is put into.

I would recommend it if you have a little free time, I would block a whole day out of your plan for it. The view once again is worth it all.

I did some research for restaurants online and made some reservations based on that and we were let down by some.

We made reservations for The grizzly house which was a good choice. It is a fun interactive restaurant for the family. We order a couple of the four course meals to share.

Everyone’s favorite was the chocolate fondue.

The next was our big adventure.

we drove 2 hours to the Colombian Icefield adventure. It was worth the drive. The beauty, uniqueness, and education was fantastic.

You ride on the big bus out about 10 min to the Colombian Icefield then you get 30 minutes to explore. Dress warm!

Then from there we drove out to the skywalk which is included if you do the Icefield adventure. You do this on your own time and then get on another bus back to the chalet.

Then we stopped in some outlooks on the way back. The scenery is truly phenomenal.

Then we followed that up with the the Gondola and dinner at Sky Bistro

I had the chowder for dinner and it was some of the best chowder I have ever had. We had just been on the pacific west coast and I had some good chowder, but this hands down.

The next day was a little bit unplanned and explore day, while my husband took our niece to the airport.

We had breakfast at Tooloulous and it was yummy! By the time we left the line was long!

We followed the yummyness off with a walk to Cascade gardens it was beautiful!

Then we had a carriage ride Banff trail riders. We had a great tour guide and did the 30 min ride for the more scenic route.

Also, some things Banff is famous for.

The beaver tails. I’m not much of a sweet person, but we got a few to try and they were good.

Also, a fun thing we did was stop by the Indian trading post to see the “merman” that we learned about on the Minnewanka boat cruise. We also ended up getting the kids some cute Indian made moccasins.

And last my favorite place we ate while there for the service, location, food, and vibe was The Park distillery.

If you have the chance to travel to Banff, you will not be disappointed. If the kids were older or we had more time we would have loved to get some hiking in as well as see Lake Louise.

If you have any questions leave a comment or send an email!



Traveling with toddlers .. again

Family trips/ reviews

Toddlers vs babies.

Everyone is always scared to fly with babies but that’s honestly the easiest time. Wear them, feed them, change them, and let them sleep.

We have been flying with our kids since newborn, plus numerous road trips. But when it comes to a about a 12 hour travel day between 2 flights, layovers, and 2 hour dry, plus time change we have to be prepared.

Even for shorter flights these are great activities to keep the kids busy and occupied.

Now the kids are older and excited about traveling and going on a plane and we are going to be gone 20 days. Just under 3 weeks with some driving and flights in between.

So we got the kids their own new suitcases to carry on and do 2 big bags checked, well because I over pack.

I’m from Texas where it’s just hot as hell in summer, Canada can be 80 in the day and 50 at night (brrrr) so I need all the options.

Mackenzie suitcase

These suitcases from pottery barn are the perfect size to take on the plane for the kids and get them so excited to travel and make them feel big!

On the go maze book

Our 4 year old is obsessed with mazes at the moment, it might not be handwriting but it’s practicing with a pen and keeping off technology for a short time.

Wikki stix

These are actually great for both kids and reusable. It’s like clay but in a stick and easy to travel with and share.

Vetch camera

Y’all these cameras have been so fun for the kids. We got them back in October when we were traveling to Disney world for their birthdays. They have used them regularly. They not only take pictures and videos, they can make filters as well as play games.

Mermaid puzzle

Reusable sticker

Y’all Melissa and Doug is always a go to for us for toys at home and traveling activities. We got the magnetic puzzle and reusable sticker book set. Our daughter is obsessed with stickers, our son was too at this age.

Water wow

Another great Melissa and Doug product ! We got these for our son. Mess free and technology free.

Fidget toy set

This toy set from small fish on amazon is a new purchase. But movement and sensory of the toys should be interesting and new to the kids. Will post an update on the kids interaction with them.

We will also bring iPads and a few “surprise toys.”

We also have some toddler headphones from amazon. Blue for our son his are actually bluetooth capable and charge or can use cord. Our daughter has a cheaper pink pair with cord.

If you are traveling with younger toddlers as well and need some tips, message me.

We use to fly with car seats on board, this will be the first time that we don’t. But we have all the tips on that too!!

Where are your summer plans?!?

Stay tuned for our Canada travel blog post!


Happy Summer!


Bento box craze

bento boxes

Not gonna lie, I might have an obsession and I might be a little bit crazy.

I get questioned by people how, why, and where do I get these? Even the craziest of all is it a subscription? I almost died laughing. But maybe I’m onto a gold mind. Just kidding. I’ve been told I’m extra. I’m not sure, extra is the world but it’s what I’ll use now.

Anyways, I like to go above and beyond for my kids in ALL things. I like to be ME. I like to try my best… and then I like to get a babysitter and order pizza. BALANCE.

Anyways, I am going to do a few updated bento boxes.

Super cute, super easy spring flower bento.

I used this Flower cookie cutter for the sandwich and apple.

I used Ezekiel bread , low fat cheddar, and organic ham grilled cheese.

Then I cut the apple in half and cut the front half off to push the flower cookie cutter through and topped both with a strawberry.

I added some popcorn with some colorful and flower sprinkles.

The DINO bento box is always a favorite and comes in different ways.

This bento included a Dino cheese cut out using these cookie cutters.

Added some rolled up ham, then a “green forest” of grapes and broccoli.

The best part is the Sugar free blue jello with the Dried mango turned into fish with Edible food pen.

They also get a snack at 10:30 and 3:30 so could add more cheese and meat if it needs to be more substantial.

This is also a regular and one of my favorites.

Out of this world bento !

I hand cut carb balance tortilla into a star and add cut up ham, cheese, and spinach. You can add whatever toppings you want.

Then I put Greek yogurt with some black Sparkle gel and sprinkles for the galaxy.

Then for the alien I cut and deseed a green apple use the same gel to glue Edible eye.

The is also a favorite and easy go to which so much option to edit.

Race car theme. This one isn’t to pretty. Sometimes packing them makes it difficult.

You can use a bun, but I just used a hot dog with baby tomatoes cut in half and green cheese to stick it together.

I cute some cheese in triangles for “cones”

Then I used carrot chips for “orange light. ”

Then I did a stop light apple assembly. I use Granny Smith and jazz Apple to create the red and yellow.

I hope you enjoy the info and will be adding the info to my amazon market place.

Check my amazon page for updated bento items.

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Amazon favorites for May


So I haven’t really been an amazon clothes shopper.. but lately I have been finding some great finds.

All my finds have been under 30$ and most are prime.

I will show you a few of my favorites that will probably be on repeat all spring long.

The first thing I’m going to start with isn’t clothes, but is for sure one of my favorite find.

This bag comes in different sizes and patterns but is so good to throw in a big bag or use when traveling or even as a make up bag.

The quality is great and it’s a total #designerdupe.

Designer dupe bag

One of my other favorites that will deff be on repeat for a while is this leopard kimono. It fits TTS and is a little bit thicker than some other ones but the perfect to make an outfit extra.

Leopard kimono

Another kimono I’m loving is this white one, because it can be a cover up or for an outfit. It’s super thin and light and perfect for vacation or Texas summers.

White kimono

And this swim suit is super cute and great quality!

White swim suit

And of course can’t forget the family matching suits I have ordered. They are are decent quality and fit a little small so if in between I would size up.

Striped family suit

Leopard swimsuit

If your looking for an amazon guide you can shop my amazon list with things I have bought or brands that I have shopped.

Also, if you use @LTK follow me at mayritchie15 for more outfit details!

If you buy any of my recommendations let me know how it works for you! I would love to see it on you!

Hope you have an amazing weekend and maybe find a new cute piece!



Three chicken recipes

healthy recipies

Three easy, quick, and healthy weeknight chicken recipes.

If your anything like me dinner can get challenging.

Between toddlers, sports, trying to be healthy, but get the family to eat. Some weeks I repeat the same things or everyone complains and it is draining.

This week I did 3 chicken dishes that worked well with our family and schedule.

First recipe is chicken paillard. Super simple and can be modified.

Recipe is super simple as followed:

1 lb thinly sliced chicken breast

Olive oil

Salt and pepper

Garlic seasoning

Lemon juice and lemon zest of 1/2 lemon

1 tsp mustard Dijon


Shaved Parmesan

1. First make the dressing and let it set in the fridge. Take 2 TBS of oil, salt and pepper, lemon juice and zest, and 1tsp Dijon. Shake up together and set in fridge.

I used this Salad dressing shaker.

2. Season the chicken with salt, pepper, and garlic powder. Heat skillet with oil. (I used spray coconut oil) Cook each side of chicken for 3-4 min until cooked through.

3. Take arugula in a bowl drizzle with dressing and Parmesan and toss.

4. Put chicken on plate and top with arugula mix.

Simple. Easy. Under 20 min. Healthy.

I added some steamed asparagus and jasmine rice for the kids.

Next easy chicken dish is chicken and dinner in a pan. Who doesn’t love a one pan meal?

Chicken breast strips

Frozen green beans

Frozen corn on the cob

Zesty Italian mix

Ghee or butter

Seriously the simplest meal ever.

1. Preheat oven to 425 f

2. I melted 3tbs of ghee and added the package of zesty Italian mix.

3. Put chicken breast, green beans, and corn in an oven safe dish. Stir and pour seasoning over entire dish

4. Place in the oven for 35-45 min until chicken is cooked and veggies are warm.

I added some fresh strawberries and dinner rolls.

Mom success when the kids enjoy and eat their food without complaining.

Last chicken dish was prob my favorite.

Roasted chickpea and Romaine chicken ceaser salad.

I made some extra thinly sliced chicken breast earlier in the week which made this recipe even easier and faster.

1 can of chickpeas

Olive oil

Salt, pepper, garlic seasoning, chili powder

Girard’s light ceaser

Shaved parmesan

Cooked sliced chicken breast

Package of Romaine lettuce

1. Preheat the oven to 425f.

2. Drain, wash, and dry the can of chickpeas. Place on baking sheet drizzle with oil, salt, pepper, garlic, and chili powder.

3. Place in oven for 40 min shaking the pan every 10 min.

4. Place romaine on baking sheet drizzle with ceaser dressing. Stuck in the oven for about 5-10 min.

5. I added the cooked chicken to the chickpea pan for the last 10 min to warm it up and roast it a little bit.

6. Cut the romaine on your plate add chickpeas and chicken. Top with Parmesan and extra dressing if needed.

I added some Mac and cheese and strawberries drizzled in honey for the kids,

Seriously all these meals were winners with the kids and husband. They were simple, easy, and healthy.

Stay tuned for the next blog post on our 10 lbs of fresh strawberries we picked and what we’re using them for!

And the recipes!

Willamette valley

Family trips/ reviews, Uncategorized

What is your usual adult only trip? For us it’s tropical, but this year we ditched our norm. I wanted quiet and relaxing. Plus good food and wine!

So between google and research I found the perfect location.

Willamette Valley, Newberg, Oregon.

I found the absolute perfect hotel in the valley with the best vineyards around, luxury spa, and great restaurants.

We stayed at The Allison. It was quiet and perfect. The restaurant was great, the indoor pool was amazing, and the couples massage was top notch.

Our dinner the first night was fun and delish. I love an 8 course tasting meal and if you have never tried one your missing out on the best dining experience.

The painted lady had an awesome dining experience with great service!

Then we had a full day of wine touring. There are so many great and small local family owned wineries in the valley. There are also some larger ones, but the small ones we wouldn’t be able to get their wines on our grocery store shelves in Texas. So we ordered about 6 bottles from the 3 wineries we visited.

We visited Rocco Winery, Anna Anme, Tristeuem.

There is tons of small local restaurants that all have very fresh and yummy food.

We tried out Subterra a wine cellar restaurant for lunch and the food was delish and fresh. The restaurant was super cute to in an old wine cellar.

Then we got some snow which they said is unusual for February, but it was beautiful. However we decided for a change of scenery so we took an hour and a half drive through the mountains to Pacific City on the coat.

We stoped at a new resort out there on the coast called Headlends Lodge. It would be the perfect place to stay in the summer!

We have a charcuterie board to share with a cup of clam chowder. The food was great, the view was amazing, and the restaurant was relaxing.

Then on the way back from the coast we stopped in McMinnville on 3rd street. It is a cute local street with great restaurants, tasting rooms, shopping, and art. We enjoyed waking the street and got a few souvenirs to bring home for the kids.

We ate at a cute little yummy tapas bar to end the night.

I enjoyed that we could see mountains, snow, beach, valleys and within a 2 hour drive.

We had awesome fresh food and amazing wine. The people were friendly and fun. I would love to take the kids back to the coast in the summer. It’s beautiful and quiet.

I highly recommend the trip if you are looking for somewhere different to go on an adult only weekend trip.

Ending with a mimosa at the airport on the way home!

If you have any questions or want more recommendations send me a message.

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Holiday/ winter bento boxes

bento boxes

Happy Holidays and New Years!

Man, oh man. Life has been crazy busy. Even with a break from school and activities the holidays kept us on the go.

So here is a little late post on some fun holiday bento boxes and breakfast I have made lately!

Fall // Turkey Themed bento box !

Corn bread turkey with apples for the feathers.

Spiral zed carrots and healthy pumpkin chocolate chip muffins.

Ghost themed bento box

This one was a big hit with the kids!

Ghost shaped quesadillas , with frozen peas and edible eyeballs, black beans in purple silicone muffin wrapper, with purple grapes.

Nutella bear toast

Super easy and super fun!

Whole wheat toast with a Nutella bear topped with banana nose and blue berry eyes. Super easy and fun. You can always improvise and use fruit or things you have on hand.

Snowman winter wonderland bento

I used mini bagels and reduced fat cream cheese with raisins and strawberries for the snowman’s face and added some marshmallows for some fun snow! I added some left over turkey and red and green fruit for the Christmas theme!

Christmas minion

This was another favorite of the kid! But you could totally do any theme minions with a banana.

Once again I used the edible eye balls which I order from amazon, but can be bought from craft stores or Walmart. I used washable marker because it doesn’t bleed through the skin of the banana and they won’t be eating it anyway. Put some popcorn underneath the bananas for an extra snack and snow look.

I added cut up snap peas and raspberries for some more red and green Christmas theme! Then some cut up meat and cheese for extra protein !

Lastly, just a fun quick breakfast and improvised with what we had on hand!

Lion protein pancake

We used our go to protein pancake mix from kodiak and added milk and egg for more protein!

I made one large pancake and one small for the nose.

Then we used a clementine orange around the face for the main and then banana and blueberries for the face.

Once again you can use anything you have on hand to make eating fun and healthy!

I would love to know if you use any of my ideas!

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Disney outfits


Guys, I’m a sucker for coordinating outfits for my family. I gotta do it while my kids still let me, right?

So let’s get started with some coordinating Disney outfits from our trip.

This was the outfits I had set out for the plane ride and tell the kids the big news of where we were goin.

My first trip to Disney tees were made by me.

Black bottoms from Macy’s.

Then found them both some cute Mickey and Minnie high top tennis shoes from targets.

Plus my favorite lululemon joggers for traveling!

This Mickey Mouse bathing suit was a must when I saw it.

H&M has some super cute Disney outfits for the entire family. This suit was less than 15$ you can’t beat that price anywhere!

My daughters black suit is from old navy with some red bows.

Daddy mouse, mommy mouse, brother mouse, sister mouse, tees made by me. There is tons of options on Etsy though for similar tees.

I paired it with white bottoms for everyone and black shoes.

Mine and my husband’s shorts are from Jcrew.

The kids shoes are both adidas from Journey Kidz.

Okay these are prob some of my favorite outfits from the trip.

Let’s start with these matching mommy and me leo and top from Raising wilds.

My jean shorts are from Gap.

My favorite hoops from Straine.

My son’s lion Mickey Mouse shirt was perfect for our day at animal kingdom. I ordered it from cutiescake studio on Etsy. Then I found some orange shorts from H&M which matched the shirt perfectly.

I got my husband an orange shirt by Hugo boss at Nordstrom rack with some khaki shorts to coordinate.

Then these cute toy story themed shorts from urban comfort apparel on Etsy with T-shirt’s made by me that said “you’ve got a friend in me.”

Then this super cute Mickey skort from one of our favorite small shops, The haltered thread

My domestic goddess tee from The pine torch. Use code mayritchie for discount.

Then this birthday boy shirt for our son’s birthday at Disney World. The shirt is from trendy pines on Etsy.

Then the cutest park hop till you drop Leo from Mamma and addy boutique and the cutest distressed Minnie Mouse shorts from messy lemon apparel on Etsy. Then of course Minnie Mouse shoes from mini Melissa, I would advise sizing up and wearing socks with them.

Then these super cute floral shirts for the boys from old navy were just adorable paired with some navy shorts for doing a little adventure on our last day in Orlando.

Then Briley and me coordinating in some denim outfits. My romper is from Vici dolls and her dress from old navy as well.

I love to support small shops and custom outfits. But, also have a few go to stores for lots of basic and cute things.

Do you have any favorite Disney outfits or places to shop for coordinating family outfits?!?