Twinning Tuesday.

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I love matching and coordinating looks for the whole family! Might as well do it as long as I can.

I’m going to share some updates on our more recent mommy and me looks as well as what’s its our cart for some upcoming matching looks.

H&M has been on the top of my list lately and have some new cute items coming soon.

But these palm trees dresses are the cutest and super comfy: This pattern also comes in different items, such as shorts, rompers, pants and more. The perfect summer or vacation outfit.

Palm Leave outfits

Then can’t forget the super cute and affordable matching family swimsuits from amazon. We are getting a little collection, but their seriously the cutest and great quality and not to mention most ship prime.

Leopard swimsuits

These leopard swimsuits are defiantly on my favorite list. Who doesn’t love matching and who doesn’t love leopard?!

Then we also have these super cute family matching suits.

Family matching suits

These are super cute and comfy! Another one of my favorites when it comes to matching swim.

then the cutest and comfy yoga pants for you and your little. These are seriously so stinking cute! Tie dye is one of my favorites and so are yoga pants!

Tiny tots clothing

These are just a few of our recent mommy and me styles! I can’t wait to continue to match my little for as long as she will let me. I’m sure one day she will be embarrassed by all these photos, but for now I’ll soak it all up.

If you buy and of these share your photos with me. I would love to see!

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Strawberries oh my!


So it’s spring and I love enjoying the outdoors with my kids and going on day adventures !!

So we googled and searched and decided to go pick fresh strawberries..

well between two toddlers we ended up with 10 lbs of fresh strawberries and some fun outside play!

Lulus hat

Sunflower shirt

Mustard shirt

Camo vans

First things first.

I washed, cut, and sorted the fresh berries when we got home and started to wonder what I was going to do with them all.

While the kids had dinner I decided to make a fresh strawberry pie ( with ice cream of course)

I cheated and luckily had a box of pilsbury pie crust !

2 cups of strawberries cut

3/4 cup sugar

1/4 cup flour

1tbs butter

Mix all the ingredients together out in pie crust. Top with second pie crust cut some slits in the top. Bake at 425f for 15-20min.

It was good fresh and even better topped with vanilla ice cream.

If you want to be a real Betty Crocker you can make your crust homemade !

I also made popsicles with just puréed strawberries and yogurt.

Popsicle mold

(( ps. I have had this popsicle mold for 4 years and it has lasted great. But there are tons of options on amazon and bed, bath, and beyond))

Then my favorite! I made kids smoothies with half of the strawberries I froze.

I just used a handful of strawberries, yogurt, banana, and cup of water.

But for the adults fresh Frose !

1 cup strawberries

1/2 bottle rose ( we used a bottle from our Oregon trip, from trisaetum)

1/2 cup vodka

1tbs honey

1/2 lemon juice

Blend all together.

Add fresh lemon and strawberry for extraness!

Trust me you will thank me later.

Over all the kids had a great day.

We have ate lots of fresh strawberries, froze some, and make a few things with them.

If you go strawberry picking tell me about your adventures or what you are gonna do with yours.

Or if you try any out of recipes let me know how you like them!


Happy Spring!


Willamette valley

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What is your usual adult only trip? For us it’s tropical, but this year we ditched our norm. I wanted quiet and relaxing. Plus good food and wine!

So between google and research I found the perfect location.

Willamette Valley, Newberg, Oregon.

I found the absolute perfect hotel in the valley with the best vineyards around, luxury spa, and great restaurants.

We stayed at The Allison. It was quiet and perfect. The restaurant was great, the indoor pool was amazing, and the couples massage was top notch.

Our dinner the first night was fun and delish. I love an 8 course tasting meal and if you have never tried one your missing out on the best dining experience.

The painted lady had an awesome dining experience with great service!

Then we had a full day of wine touring. There are so many great and small local family owned wineries in the valley. There are also some larger ones, but the small ones we wouldn’t be able to get their wines on our grocery store shelves in Texas. So we ordered about 6 bottles from the 3 wineries we visited.

We visited Rocco Winery, Anna Anme, Tristeuem.

There is tons of small local restaurants that all have very fresh and yummy food.

We tried out Subterra a wine cellar restaurant for lunch and the food was delish and fresh. The restaurant was super cute to in an old wine cellar.

Then we got some snow which they said is unusual for February, but it was beautiful. However we decided for a change of scenery so we took an hour and a half drive through the mountains to Pacific City on the coat.

We stoped at a new resort out there on the coast called Headlends Lodge. It would be the perfect place to stay in the summer!

We have a charcuterie board to share with a cup of clam chowder. The food was great, the view was amazing, and the restaurant was relaxing.

Then on the way back from the coast we stopped in McMinnville on 3rd street. It is a cute local street with great restaurants, tasting rooms, shopping, and art. We enjoyed waking the street and got a few souvenirs to bring home for the kids.

We ate at a cute little yummy tapas bar to end the night.

I enjoyed that we could see mountains, snow, beach, valleys and within a 2 hour drive.

We had awesome fresh food and amazing wine. The people were friendly and fun. I would love to take the kids back to the coast in the summer. It’s beautiful and quiet.

I highly recommend the trip if you are looking for somewhere different to go on an adult only weekend trip.

Ending with a mimosa at the airport on the way home!

If you have any questions or want more recommendations send me a message.

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Amazon dupes!

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Don’t get me wrong I don’t usually buy “fake” but sometimes there are some really good replicas for cheap when you just can’t afford the real deal.

I do buy some dupes but when it comes to handbags I only buy if I can buy the real thing.

But a make up bag for 400$ that’s going to get ruined is crazy to me. So this awesome dupe is 23$ on amazon prime. Seriously can’t go wrong with that!

LV makeup dupe

Then there are these awesome flip flops, I do have the nude pair in the real deal but these are just as cute. I think I’m going to order them in black!

Studded sandals

I would go up a size in these, I’ve seen they run small.

Okay then something I really want the real deal of .. I need a few more year of marriage under my belt before I can get this.

Is a Cartier bangle with diamonds tho. Lol

This one is an amazon top sale! It’s is $13 and on prime. You can’t beat that deal.. until the real deal.

Cartier bangle

There is also some great dupes for more Cartier and Tiffany pieces with great reviews and prices. I will list a few of the best!

This Cartier inspired ring comes in at 8$ with prime shipping!

Cartier ring

This Tiffany’s inspired ring is just $10. You can’t beat that and guess what it’s on amazon prime too!

Tiffany’s ring

That is rounding out my top 5 favorite designer dupes on amazon prime! There is tons more at great prices and free shipping on amazon prime.

Check out my Amazon store front for other great ideas on dupes!

Have a fab day loves!



IMG_1077_Facetune_12-09-2018-14-01-03WHAT KIND OF MOM ARE YOU?

We have all seen these things, putting a label on different kinds of moms. Things like, “crunchy mom,” “granola mom,” ” helicopter mom,” “pintrest mom,” “wine drinking mom,” “work out mom.” The list could seriously go on forever, so I think you get the point?

But, I don’t like to be labeled into ONE type of mom. I like to think of myself as a balancing mom.

Let me give you a little perspective into that.

Some days my kids get kale smoothies and some days they get Mcdonalds happy meal. Balance right?

Some days I have fun crafts or museum outings and other days I have over the iPad. Balance right?

Some days I work hard to clean the house and constantly pick up, and other days I put all my focus on them. Balance right?

Some days I feel like after 2 kids I am rocking this mom game, and other days I feel like I’m loosing it! Balance right?

Some days I go to the gym to actually train and somedays I just have coffee in the cafe for a break. Balance right?

Some days my kinds have pintrest bento box lunches and other days, I just throw whatever lefts overs are in the fridge in them. Balance right?

You may say to yourself, my kids never have a kale smoothies, my kids never have mcdonalds, my kids never have the iPad, or my house is always clean. OK. Cool. But, there are other aspects in your parenting life that you find glance and don’t always give them what you always had planned. Raising kids is hard, so sometimes its okay to not always be the mom that you had PLANNED. Or heck, I never planned on being the way that I am as a mom. Life just happens,

Moral of the story, I don’t care what “kind of mom” you are, we all have days. We can’t always have perfect days. Some days are just flat out harder than others, some people have more help than others, we don’t all portray every part of our lives, and some days we are just tired.

But, I think instead of categorizing “moms” into any category, we should all build each other up, fix each others crowns, compliment each other, support each other, and not judge one another.

(( in my case ill pour you a glass of wine, and say better luck tomorrow.))

So the next time you feel like your rocking that mom game look out for a mom who doesn’t feel that way and build her up. Or even when you don’t like your rocking you mom game and you can still reach out and find comfort and companionship in another mom who feels that way.

Mom life if hard, but at the end of the day I think were all balancing it in our own way. Am I right? How do you balance? How can you help another mom, build herself up? How can you make yourself feel like your rocking your mom game?

No need to label us mom. we’re all moms trying to do our best. Raise our kids to be the best kids we can make and give them things we never had.

P.S. Your doing a great job and if you don’t feel that way, tomorrow will be better.

Just try to find the YING TO YOUR YANG, your doing a great job!

Hoodie from Pine Torch.

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