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I always find my in-laws are the hardest to buy for. Or my husband because I can’t his a big purchase and he buys what he wants. Lol

I always try to be a thoughtful gift giver and give something special or homemade along with a nice item. So I have rounded up a few of my top picks for MIL’s.

First up is

Barefoot dreams blanket

And another option a littler more pricey

Cozy barefoot dreams blanket

I know it’s crazy for a blanket but, it’s worth it. It’s the coziest thing you’ll ever cover up in. Promise.

UGG slippers

The comfiest cozy slippers you’ll ever own. As you can tell I like to be comfy at home and I’m sure your MIL does too.

These are practical items they can actually use.

This candle is a top selling candle on Anthropologie consistently. This is great to bundle with other items or make a gift basket with.

Anthropologie candle

And hey listen, if you think they have enough blankets let them wear one outside the house. This is the coziest thing you’ll ever wear. If you live somewhere cold like my in-laws, the middle of Canada you will definitely appreciate this. Cute, comfy, and cozy.

Barefoot dreams wrap

The kitchen stuff gets me all the time. This is the cutest little chic tea set for two and so affordable. This would be a great gift for your MIL or so many others.

Tea set for two

Last but, not least. A scarf is a perfect gift especially when it feels this good.

Comes in multiple colors and a great accessory to any outfit.


I hope you enjoyed some of my top picks. I will do a homemade/ custom gift guide as well as list a top higher end items as well.

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Father’s Day gifts

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Okay okay okay.

Seriously y’all. How is is almost Father’s Day?!? I’m not ready. Life has been crazy over here. Lots of trips, activities, and events.

Plus my kids are out on summer break, I need those 2 days a week of school. Like seriously.

Anyways. I have rounded up a few of our ( or my favorite gifts for the husband and my dad for Father’s Day ) and a few that are on my radar. 👀

First, is one of my favorite is a nice dress shirt. bugatchi is one of my favorite brands to by! I love the patterns and sometimes even a plain color with with detailing on the cuffs.

White long sleeve

Short sleeve polo

Another one of my favorites is a good cologne. Great for Dads or spouses.

One of my favorite smells is this Cologne !

One of my favorite gifts that I had made was these Photo socks!

This is our exact pair! With photos of both kids and it says Daddy we love you! These are perfect for anyone !

Another great gift for the man in your ice is this Yeti soft cooler. It is perfect the the outdoorsman or guy who likes a few cold ones.

This is on my list this year for my husband. He is an avid coffee drinker, I might just actually borrow it too. 🤣unless he takes it to the office. Coffee warmer

Okay the last thing that’s on my list for my husband this year is this Corn hole set. We love to be outside and bbq so this will be the perfect summer addition. Plus he might like bud light.

Hip hop hipity hop

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Here comes the Easter Bunny right down Easter Bunny lane.

Y’all. Holidays, kids parties, mommy chats, and a side or tea followed by processco are my jam.

I once read an article that said quit going over the top and giving your kids Pinterest parties .. yada yada.

Listen, it’s not for everyone that’s fine. However, I enjoy making special memories for our children and friends. I want our house to be always good memories and a place they want to hang out. I enjoy making themed food and healthy fun options. But, with some treats to. I’m not completely lame. Haha.

Anyways, Easter. One of my favorite holidays as a kid besides Christmas, because we always had fun eater egg hunts with money.

I still want to manage a family Easter party, but we had a fun little Easter themed play date.


Bar cart

China set

Hair barrette

So not only to I love to give the kids a little extra, I love my friend to have a good time too.

I made some hot berry hibiscus tea which is my favorite at the moment.

I put on some Kids yoga while we had some tea and chatted.

And of course I had a few decorations and food. Because food is my thing. Ha

I set up a kids table with a kids charcuterie board, with the cutest Bunny cutting board and chalk sign from the target dollar section. #targetdoesitagain

I made a super yummy, simple, and kids charcuterie board. Grapes, chocolate raisins, dry salami, and cheddar and Monterrey jack cheese cubes.

I used some Easter fabric and napkin holders from hobby lobby to add some Easter cuteness.

Bunny dish

I used my Baby cake maker to make these perfectly round cake balls, and then of course the easiest yummiest premade sugar cookies, and some meringue cookies.

Also, one of my favorite things is holiday books! So I set out our favorite Easter Books and then put them in a bin upstairs after the holiday is over.

Happy Easter Mouse

The Story Of Easter

The very first Easter

Biscut’s pet and play Easter

And of course what kinda play date or party would it be without some type of backdrop or photo op?

I have really been into balloon garlands and backdrops.

I use this Balloon kit to help make mine. This was a small play date so I used left over balloons from birthday parties and other events.

So between tea, snacks, yoga, books, blocks, then all kids for themselves in the toy room and finished off with a glass of Prosecco.

If you do an Easter Play date or ballon garland! Send me your pics! I would love to see.

If you have any questions I’m here!! It’s what I love.


Happy Easter!


St. Patrick’s day!

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I love being extra.

I love an extra reason to do something fun for our kids and my friends!

We have been celebrating all the holidays together with kid parties and it has been so much fun.

Back drop and bar cart always add a little extra to a party!

This Bar cart is super cute and super affordable. I put it together myself quickly and the quality is great.

The ballon garland is made from different size and colors of green balloons. Also, this Ballon strip helps to create the outline for your garland.

I love the have the food match my theme. So for food I did “green” and “rainbow.”

For the main food I did “golden chicken nuggets,” broccoli tots, green quesadillas, a rainbow with gold at the end, spinach muffins.

Then I did a table with sweets at the end of the rainbow.

I made green rice krispy treats and lucky charm rice krispy treats. Then I bought green jelly beans, cheddar popcorn, green apple popcorn, and green rock lollipops from a local popcorn shop. I also added little pots with chocolate coins.

Cute gold plates from party city and tiny favor boxes from the dollar store for kids to eat and take home.

I love things to look cute but more than that I love the kids to have a good time and get to take something home.

I also sent these little St. Patrick day balls home with the kids. Besides the dollar store, oriental trading is my favorite place to buy for kid parties.

I also had an assortment of headbands, beads, hats, and clappers that the coulda do wear and take home. Mostly from the dollar store and oriental trading.

Not to mention I’m a big sucker for holiday books. We had The luckiest St. Patrick’s day ever, 10 lucky leprechauns, and The old lady who swallowed a clover. (My favorite)

All on amazon prime, because even tho I’m a Pinterest time mom… amazon prime is still a winner!!!

Then of course some of my late night Pinterest finds came to life with sensory play. I made a big batch of green spaghetti and added plastic golden coins and a big tub of lucky charms with cups and tools.

This seemed to be a bigger hit with the younger tots than the older, but everyone still enjoyed it.

Similar to Briley’s green shirt from Nordstrom Green shirt.

The kids and moms had a blast and that’s what it’s all about.

If you have any questions about recipes! Send me a message I love parties and making them special.



Thanksgiving host

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I know everyone is already going crazy with Christmas decorations, but I’m getting ready to host Thanksgiving at my house.

I might start getting the Christmas decorations out and getting things ready. Because, it is a lot of work for a short time.

But I have rounded up some of my favorite Thanksgiving things!

First this Ceramic pumpkin mine is orange but, it also comes in white!

Last year I filled mine with sweet potato casserole using Williams Sonoma sweet potato mix. I got so many compliments about the casserole, even from my grandma!

But, don’t worry they don’t stop there with helping to make your Thanksgiving super yummy and easy!

Their Truffle Mac and cheese kit is also another awesome side!

I havnt tried this next one year, but I’m sure that is is going to be amazing!

Peach sangria mix

Williams Sonoma has tons of other great options for gravy bases and seasonings. These are some of my favorite, but you can’t go wrong with anything you try there.

Next one of my favorite fun things for most big holidays are Holiday crackers !

Something I am going to be adding to my collection for our Thanksgiving desert is this cute Cake stand from target. This is super cute and can actually be used all year long, but the wood goes great with some fall decorations!

I hope you get to try some of my favorite items for Thanksgiving! If you do please let me know what you think! I would love to hear some of your favorite Thanksgiving things!

Stay turned for holiday shopping guides coming soon !