Halloween food fun

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Who doesn’t love Halloween? I love making themed food for holidays and parties. Halloween is one of my favorites.

Look at these eyeball tacos !

Who doesn’t love tacos? You can but store bought meatballs or make your own. Put some lettuce and cheese in the bottom of taco shell, then 2 meatballs, and use sour cream to stick cut olives for eyes!

Super simple and great for kids and adults.

One of the biggest hits with the kids are the mummy hotdogs!

Super simple and what kid doesn’t love hot dogs?!

Use packed dough or crescent rolls cut in long strips and wrap around hotdog leaving some space for eyes. Bake at 375f for 12-15 min! Add eyeballs or use black olives!

Spider pizza bites! Again who doesn’t love pizza?

Use store bought biscuits, push in muffin tins, add pizza sauce, and cheese. Bake 375f for 15-20 min. Add black olives and use food color pen to draw some legs.

Then look how cute these monster eye cookies are! We actually bought a kid at target but could be easily made with out one. Dye done cookie dough to desired color, bake according to directions, add some eyeballs!

Something fun for the family to do together!

Lastly, here is a super easy fun breakfast for Halloween week!

I just grabbed 1/2 dozen of donuts at the grocery store for 2$. Used some candy to make a face and sprinkles and icing to make Halloween colors!

Or you could let kids decorate themselves for a fun halloween breakfast activity!

I will be adding some fall / Halloween themed bento boxes next week!

What’s your favorite holiday to make themed food for?

I hope you love themed food as much as I do 😍😍

Xx maygen