10 minute summer make up


Who doesn’t love a tan sun kissed simple look ?! It’s my daily go to for a quick and easy put together look.

I regularly use ST. TROPEZ tanning mousse to give myself an at home tan. It’s never perfect, but well life. But I always get compliments on how it looks natural.

Then something I use year round is Wild Rose Oil it makes such a huge difference in the way your make up goes on and looks, so much brighter and smoother.

Then a go to foundation for me is NARS foundation. I wear shade Patagonia and is perfect blend with or without spray tan.

Then I follow with Tarte shape tape concealer I add some under my eyes, in between my eyebrows, and middle of chin.

Then I add some Setting powder from Laura mercier. This is something I use year round and one container last forever. I add this under my eyes and forehead as well.

To give me a little more contour and definition I add #instamarc contour powder in the color mirage filter. I use the darker shade and contour under my cheek bones.

Then I love me some blush. So I add some Dior rogue blush on the apples of my cheek and follow with a dust of Hi lighting powder. I love a little extra shimmer.

Then I finish off with my all time favorite mascara that I have been hooked on for a while now by It cosmetics and follow it up with a nude lip gloss from Marc Jacobs.