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I always find my in-laws are the hardest to buy for. Or my husband because I can’t his a big purchase and he buys what he wants. Lol

I always try to be a thoughtful gift giver and give something special or homemade along with a nice item. So I have rounded up a few of my top picks for MIL’s.

First up is

Barefoot dreams blanket

And another option a littler more pricey

Cozy barefoot dreams blanket

I know it’s crazy for a blanket but, it’s worth it. It’s the coziest thing you’ll ever cover up in. Promise.

UGG slippers

The comfiest cozy slippers you’ll ever own. As you can tell I like to be comfy at home and I’m sure your MIL does too.

These are practical items they can actually use.

This candle is a top selling candle on Anthropologie consistently. This is great to bundle with other items or make a gift basket with.

Anthropologie candle

And hey listen, if you think they have enough blankets let them wear one outside the house. This is the coziest thing you’ll ever wear. If you live somewhere cold like my in-laws, the middle of Canada you will definitely appreciate this. Cute, comfy, and cozy.

Barefoot dreams wrap

The kitchen stuff gets me all the time. This is the cutest little chic tea set for two and so affordable. This would be a great gift for your MIL or so many others.

Tea set for two

Last but, not least. A scarf is a perfect gift especially when it feels this good.

Comes in multiple colors and a great accessory to any outfit.


I hope you enjoyed some of my top picks. I will do a homemade/ custom gift guide as well as list a top higher end items as well.

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2 ways Thursday


Anybody else love a piece you can wear different ways?


Anybody else love leopard like me?

Then continue. This is for you.

Anybody love to be classic sometimes but sometimes be a little edgy?

Oh that’s me too.

So I have brought one of my favorite leopard skirts that is the perfect way to transition into fall and styled it 2 ways.

Hence the name… 2 ways Thursday.

Without further ado here is the first style. A more classic style with a black top and black mules.

Leopard skirt



Just pretending it’s fall in Texas but really it’s not. 🤣

Then if you want a more casual edgy look one of my favorite go to’s is to add a graphic tee to any outfit. Duh.

Graphic tee

Golden goose sneakers

The best thing about this outfit is that this tee is under 20$

I have so many graphic tees but this is one of the best steals.

These sneakers are such a good investment, not gonna lie I wasn’t going to get them but the amount of wear I get out of these are worth it. But, there is tons of places to get great dupes that are just as cute too!

Which one is your favorite style?


Have a fabulous Thursday loves