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Family trips/ reviews

Banff travel guide.

All the must dos, family friendly restaurants, and beautiful sights.

After Drumheller we made the 2.5 hr drive to Banff to spend 5 days before heading home.

We didn’t book super far in advance so that limited our hotel selection. Banff is pretty busy during the Summer since not as many people travel during the winter.

Our hotel was in the perfect location, I was walking distance to everything in downtown Banff, as well as across from a bus stop.

Plus it had the cutest and yummiest coffee shop attached to it!

Elk + Avenue Hotel

One of the places we ate which had great reviews and kid friendly was the old spaghetti factory. The place was busy and there was a wait so I was glad we made reservations, but the food was sub par. Wished we would have found a less popular restaurant maybe.

Our first adventure there was the Lake Minnewannka cruise .

It was about 15 minute drive from our hotel, we took the scenic route and saw some great wildlife on the way.

Then we got down to the lake to get on our boat for the hour cruise. This lake is beautifully nestled in the mountains with tons of history.

Our tour guide and captain were super fun and nice. They let the kids take turns driving the boat which they loved. There is also a little cafe there for snacks and ice cream.

We followed our boat ride with a trip to the hot springs.

This is a tad overrated, I was expecting a natural hot springs to be set in the mountains in its natural settings. This is built more like a pool which natural hot spring water is put into.

I would recommend it if you have a little free time, I would block a whole day out of your plan for it. The view once again is worth it all.

I did some research for restaurants online and made some reservations based on that and we were let down by some.

We made reservations for The grizzly house which was a good choice. It is a fun interactive restaurant for the family. We order a couple of the four course meals to share.

Everyone’s favorite was the chocolate fondue.

The next was our big adventure.

we drove 2 hours to the Colombian Icefield adventure. It was worth the drive. The beauty, uniqueness, and education was fantastic.

You ride on the big bus out about 10 min to the Colombian Icefield then you get 30 minutes to explore. Dress warm!

Then from there we drove out to the skywalk which is included if you do the Icefield adventure. You do this on your own time and then get on another bus back to the chalet.

Then we stopped in some outlooks on the way back. The scenery is truly phenomenal.

Then we followed that up with the the Gondola and dinner at Sky Bistro

I had the chowder for dinner and it was some of the best chowder I have ever had. We had just been on the pacific west coast and I had some good chowder, but this hands down.

The next day was a little bit unplanned and explore day, while my husband took our niece to the airport.

We had breakfast at Tooloulous and it was yummy! By the time we left the line was long!

We followed the yummyness off with a walk to Cascade gardens it was beautiful!

Then we had a carriage ride Banff trail riders. We had a great tour guide and did the 30 min ride for the more scenic route.

Also, some things Banff is famous for.

The beaver tails. I’m not much of a sweet person, but we got a few to try and they were good.

Also, a fun thing we did was stop by the Indian trading post to see the “merman” that we learned about on the Minnewanka boat cruise. We also ended up getting the kids some cute Indian made moccasins.

And last my favorite place we ate while there for the service, location, food, and vibe was The Park distillery.

If you have the chance to travel to Banff, you will not be disappointed. If the kids were older or we had more time we would have loved to get some hiking in as well as see Lake Louise.

If you have any questions leave a comment or send an email!



Where the Dinosaurs roar

Family trips/ reviews

But have you ever been to where the dinosaurs lived?

Drumheller, Alberta, Canada is seriously the land of the dinosaurs or what’s left of them.

We flew into Calgary and made a stop over night I’m Drumheller before heading to Banff.

There is seriously soo much to do in this area. I wouldn’t recommend going on a Monday or Tuesday as some of the restaurants are closed because it’s their slow days.

We stayed at the Ramada. There isn’t a whole lot of hotel choices, but this is the best. Simply because it has an indoor pool and giant water slide. (Parent win)

The first night we ate at O’Shea’s Eatery whose parking lot was connected to the hotels so it was just a small walk.

We started our day at Royal Tyrrell Musem the kids had so much fun and even better there is tons of exploring that can done outside.

Following the museum we did some exploring outside then made our way to The worlds largest dinosaur .

It is fun and cute, but doesn’t take a whole lot of time. Just depends how long it takes you to climb 114 stairs.

We made a few stops at some smaller gift shops and fossil stores.

From there we went out to Rosedale suspension bridge and did some more hiking and exploring.

Then we stopped at Cafe ole

The s’mores chia latte was so yummy. It was cute and a quick place to grab a bite.

Some other options we looked at were closed. But, I would also recommend The asteroid

We also wanted to eat at Bernie and the boys bistro but they were closed as well.

Then our last stop and possibly one of my favorites was the The Hoodoos

We only saw a fraction of things that were to see and do there in our day before we headed on our 2.5 hour drive to Banff.

We started at the Musem and I had planned our day in this order because it made the most sense driving wise.

There is tons of other small shops, museums, helicopter tour, and more.

If you have the chance to visit Drumheller or have an extra day when in Calgary or near the area. I highly recommend making the visit you won’t be disappointed.

Stay tuned for my travel guide on Banff next. We spent 5 days there and crammed as much sightseeing as we could in.



If you have any questions I would love to hear them. Or if you have been there what’s your favorite thing you saw?