Bento box craze

bento boxes

Not gonna lie, I might have an obsession and I might be a little bit crazy.

I get questioned by people how, why, and where do I get these? Even the craziest of all is it a subscription? I almost died laughing. But maybe I’m onto a gold mind. Just kidding. I’ve been told I’m extra. I’m not sure, extra is the world but it’s what I’ll use now.

Anyways, I like to go above and beyond for my kids in ALL things. I like to be ME. I like to try my best… and then I like to get a babysitter and order pizza. BALANCE.

Anyways, I am going to do a few updated bento boxes.

Super cute, super easy spring flower bento.

I used this Flower cookie cutter for the sandwich and apple.

I used Ezekiel bread , low fat cheddar, and organic ham grilled cheese.

Then I cut the apple in half and cut the front half off to push the flower cookie cutter through and topped both with a strawberry.

I added some popcorn with some colorful and flower sprinkles.

The DINO bento box is always a favorite and comes in different ways.

This bento included a Dino cheese cut out using these cookie cutters.

Added some rolled up ham, then a “green forest” of grapes and broccoli.

The best part is the Sugar free blue jello with the Dried mango turned into fish with Edible food pen.

They also get a snack at 10:30 and 3:30 so could add more cheese and meat if it needs to be more substantial.

This is also a regular and one of my favorites.

Out of this world bento !

I hand cut carb balance tortilla into a star and add cut up ham, cheese, and spinach. You can add whatever toppings you want.

Then I put Greek yogurt with some black Sparkle gel and sprinkles for the galaxy.

Then for the alien I cut and deseed a green apple use the same gel to glue Edible eye.

The is also a favorite and easy go to which so much option to edit.

Race car theme. This one isn’t to pretty. Sometimes packing them makes it difficult.

You can use a bun, but I just used a hot dog with baby tomatoes cut in half and green cheese to stick it together.

I cute some cheese in triangles for “cones”

Then I used carrot chips for “orange light. ”

Then I did a stop light apple assembly. I use Granny Smith and jazz Apple to create the red and yellow.

I hope you enjoy the info and will be adding the info to my amazon market place.

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Girls lunch

Family trips/ reviews

Life get busy for everyone and sometimes as moms we have guilt for doing things for ourselves, but I have found that it is better for everyone. It helps me reset and gives me a break.

I am going to round out my top 3 favorite places for a girls dat lunch or brunch.

My first is Bloom and Bee.

This place is seriously the prettiest cutest place for girls lunch. It is inside the beautiful post oak hotel. The hotel has an amazing spa and close to great shopping if you want to make a girls trip out of it.

Their Sangria was so good and pretty. Everything they serve is fresh, pretty, and tasty.

We started with some ceviche to share, which was tasty.

Then I followed with an endive salad! With was fresh, colorful, presented well, and of course yummy.

But what makes this place also, one of my favorites for a girls lunch is the decor, chairs, and table settings. It’s truly every women’s dream decor.

My next top place would have to the The Kitchen at Dunlavy.

We got a few plates to order and we needed ho with so much few.. not to mention a few crafts of mimosas

I didn’t try it but they have a chicken and waffle salad which looked interesting.

The view is beautiful and the inside has chandeliers all over it for a very chic decor.

The prices are responsible and I highly recommend for a brunch or lunch for anyone. ((Without young kids preferably ))

The last place on my list is Flower child .

This is a favorite of mine regardless if it’s quick or long and relaxing. I have been here many times and have been satisfied with everything I have ordered

But my all time favorite has to be the avocado toast! I don’t always love chunks of avocado but, the way they make it is seriously the best.

Plus this place is also kid friendly and on the healthier side.

If you have an favorite brunch or lunch places in the Houston or surrounding area! Let me know I would love to visit !

Father’s Day gifts

holidays guides

Okay okay okay.

Seriously y’all. How is is almost Father’s Day?!? I’m not ready. Life has been crazy over here. Lots of trips, activities, and events.

Plus my kids are out on summer break, I need those 2 days a week of school. Like seriously.

Anyways. I have rounded up a few of our ( or my favorite gifts for the husband and my dad for Father’s Day ) and a few that are on my radar. 👀

First, is one of my favorite is a nice dress shirt. bugatchi is one of my favorite brands to by! I love the patterns and sometimes even a plain color with with detailing on the cuffs.

White long sleeve

Short sleeve polo

Another one of my favorites is a good cologne. Great for Dads or spouses.

One of my favorite smells is this Cologne !

One of my favorite gifts that I had made was these Photo socks!

This is our exact pair! With photos of both kids and it says Daddy we love you! These are perfect for anyone !

Another great gift for the man in your ice is this Yeti soft cooler. It is perfect the the outdoorsman or guy who likes a few cold ones.

This is on my list this year for my husband. He is an avid coffee drinker, I might just actually borrow it too. 🤣unless he takes it to the office. Coffee warmer

Okay the last thing that’s on my list for my husband this year is this Corn hole set. We love to be outside and bbq so this will be the perfect summer addition. Plus he might like bud light.