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Here comes the Easter Bunny right down Easter Bunny lane.

Y’all. Holidays, kids parties, mommy chats, and a side or tea followed by processco are my jam.

I once read an article that said quit going over the top and giving your kids Pinterest parties .. yada yada.

Listen, it’s not for everyone that’s fine. However, I enjoy making special memories for our children and friends. I want our house to be always good memories and a place they want to hang out. I enjoy making themed food and healthy fun options. But, with some treats to. I’m not completely lame. Haha.

Anyways, Easter. One of my favorite holidays as a kid besides Christmas, because we always had fun eater egg hunts with money.

I still want to manage a family Easter party, but we had a fun little Easter themed play date.


Bar cart

China set

Hair barrette

So not only to I love to give the kids a little extra, I love my friend to have a good time too.

I made some hot berry hibiscus tea which is my favorite at the moment.

I put on some Kids yoga while we had some tea and chatted.

And of course I had a few decorations and food. Because food is my thing. Ha

I set up a kids table with a kids charcuterie board, with the cutest Bunny cutting board and chalk sign from the target dollar section. #targetdoesitagain

I made a super yummy, simple, and kids charcuterie board. Grapes, chocolate raisins, dry salami, and cheddar and Monterrey jack cheese cubes.

I used some Easter fabric and napkin holders from hobby lobby to add some Easter cuteness.

Bunny dish

I used my Baby cake maker to make these perfectly round cake balls, and then of course the easiest yummiest premade sugar cookies, and some meringue cookies.

Also, one of my favorite things is holiday books! So I set out our favorite Easter Books and then put them in a bin upstairs after the holiday is over.

Happy Easter Mouse

The Story Of Easter

The very first Easter

Biscut’s pet and play Easter

And of course what kinda play date or party would it be without some type of backdrop or photo op?

I have really been into balloon garlands and backdrops.

I use this Balloon kit to help make mine. This was a small play date so I used left over balloons from birthday parties and other events.

So between tea, snacks, yoga, books, blocks, then all kids for themselves in the toy room and finished off with a glass of Prosecco.

If you do an Easter Play date or ballon garland! Send me your pics! I would love to see.

If you have any questions I’m here!! It’s what I love.


Happy Easter!


Strawberries oh my!


So it’s spring and I love enjoying the outdoors with my kids and going on day adventures !!

So we googled and searched and decided to go pick fresh strawberries..

well between two toddlers we ended up with 10 lbs of fresh strawberries and some fun outside play!

Lulus hat

Sunflower shirt

Mustard shirt

Camo vans

First things first.

I washed, cut, and sorted the fresh berries when we got home and started to wonder what I was going to do with them all.

While the kids had dinner I decided to make a fresh strawberry pie ( with ice cream of course)

I cheated and luckily had a box of pilsbury pie crust !

2 cups of strawberries cut

3/4 cup sugar

1/4 cup flour

1tbs butter

Mix all the ingredients together out in pie crust. Top with second pie crust cut some slits in the top. Bake at 425f for 15-20min.

It was good fresh and even better topped with vanilla ice cream.

If you want to be a real Betty Crocker you can make your crust homemade !

I also made popsicles with just puréed strawberries and yogurt.

Popsicle mold

(( ps. I have had this popsicle mold for 4 years and it has lasted great. But there are tons of options on amazon and bed, bath, and beyond))

Then my favorite! I made kids smoothies with half of the strawberries I froze.

I just used a handful of strawberries, yogurt, banana, and cup of water.

But for the adults fresh Frose !

1 cup strawberries

1/2 bottle rose ( we used a bottle from our Oregon trip, from trisaetum)

1/2 cup vodka

1tbs honey

1/2 lemon juice

Blend all together.

Add fresh lemon and strawberry for extraness!

Trust me you will thank me later.

Over all the kids had a great day.

We have ate lots of fresh strawberries, froze some, and make a few things with them.

If you go strawberry picking tell me about your adventures or what you are gonna do with yours.

Or if you try any out of recipes let me know how you like them!


Happy Spring!