Amazon dupes!

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Don’t get me wrong I don’t usually buy “fake” but sometimes there are some really good replicas for cheap when you just can’t afford the real deal.

I do buy some dupes but when it comes to handbags I only buy if I can buy the real thing.

But a make up bag for 400$ that’s going to get ruined is crazy to me. So this awesome dupe is 23$ on amazon prime. Seriously can’t go wrong with that!

LV makeup dupe

Then there are these awesome flip flops, I do have the nude pair in the real deal but these are just as cute. I think I’m going to order them in black!

Studded sandals

I would go up a size in these, I’ve seen they run small.

Okay then something I really want the real deal of .. I need a few more year of marriage under my belt before I can get this.

Is a Cartier bangle with diamonds tho. Lol

This one is an amazon top sale! It’s is $13 and on prime. You can’t beat that deal.. until the real deal.

Cartier bangle

There is also some great dupes for more Cartier and Tiffany pieces with great reviews and prices. I will list a few of the best!

This Cartier inspired ring comes in at 8$ with prime shipping!

Cartier ring

This Tiffany’s inspired ring is just $10. You can’t beat that and guess what it’s on amazon prime too!

Tiffany’s ring

That is rounding out my top 5 favorite designer dupes on amazon prime! There is tons more at great prices and free shipping on amazon prime.

Check out my Amazon store front for other great ideas on dupes!

Have a fab day loves!