Holiday/ winter bento boxes

bento boxes

Happy Holidays and New Years!

Man, oh man. Life has been crazy busy. Even with a break from school and activities the holidays kept us on the go.

So here is a little late post on some fun holiday bento boxes and breakfast I have made lately!

Fall // Turkey Themed bento box !

Corn bread turkey with apples for the feathers.

Spiral zed carrots and healthy pumpkin chocolate chip muffins.

Ghost themed bento box

This one was a big hit with the kids!

Ghost shaped quesadillas , with frozen peas and edible eyeballs, black beans in purple silicone muffin wrapper, with purple grapes.

Nutella bear toast

Super easy and super fun!

Whole wheat toast with a Nutella bear topped with banana nose and blue berry eyes. Super easy and fun. You can always improvise and use fruit or things you have on hand.

Snowman winter wonderland bento

I used mini bagels and reduced fat cream cheese with raisins and strawberries for the snowman’s face and added some marshmallows for some fun snow! I added some left over turkey and red and green fruit for the Christmas theme!

Christmas minion

This was another favorite of the kid! But you could totally do any theme minions with a banana.

Once again I used the edible eye balls which I order from amazon, but can be bought from craft stores or Walmart. I used washable marker because it doesn’t bleed through the skin of the banana and they won’t be eating it anyway. Put some popcorn underneath the bananas for an extra snack and snow look.

I added cut up snap peas and raspberries for some more red and green Christmas theme! Then some cut up meat and cheese for extra protein !

Lastly, just a fun quick breakfast and improvised with what we had on hand!

Lion protein pancake

We used our go to protein pancake mix from kodiak and added milk and egg for more protein!

I made one large pancake and one small for the nose.

Then we used a clementine orange around the face for the main and then banana and blueberries for the face.

Once again you can use anything you have on hand to make eating fun and healthy!

I would love to know if you use any of my ideas!

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