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I know everyone is already going crazy with Christmas decorations, but I’m getting ready to host Thanksgiving at my house.

I might start getting the Christmas decorations out and getting things ready. Because, it is a lot of work for a short time.

But I have rounded up some of my favorite Thanksgiving things!

First this Ceramic pumpkin mine is orange but, it also comes in white!

Last year I filled mine with sweet potato casserole using Williams Sonoma sweet potato mix. I got so many compliments about the casserole, even from my grandma!

But, don’t worry they don’t stop there with helping to make your Thanksgiving super yummy and easy!

Their Truffle Mac and cheese kit is also another awesome side!

I havnt tried this next one year, but I’m sure that is is going to be amazing!

Peach sangria mix

Williams Sonoma has tons of other great options for gravy bases and seasonings. These are some of my favorite, but you can’t go wrong with anything you try there.

Next one of my favorite fun things for most big holidays are Holiday crackers !

Something I am going to be adding to my collection for our Thanksgiving desert is this cute Cake stand from target. This is super cute and can actually be used all year long, but the wood goes great with some fall decorations!

I hope you get to try some of my favorite items for Thanksgiving! If you do please let me know what you think! I would love to hear some of your favorite Thanksgiving things!

Stay turned for holiday shopping guides coming soon !