Halloween food fun

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Who doesn’t love Halloween? I love making themed food for holidays and parties. Halloween is one of my favorites.

Look at these eyeball tacos !

Who doesn’t love tacos? You can but store bought meatballs or make your own. Put some lettuce and cheese in the bottom of taco shell, then 2 meatballs, and use sour cream to stick cut olives for eyes!

Super simple and great for kids and adults.

One of the biggest hits with the kids are the mummy hotdogs!

Super simple and what kid doesn’t love hot dogs?!

Use packed dough or crescent rolls cut in long strips and wrap around hotdog leaving some space for eyes. Bake at 375f for 12-15 min! Add eyeballs or use black olives!

Spider pizza bites! Again who doesn’t love pizza?

Use store bought biscuits, push in muffin tins, add pizza sauce, and cheese. Bake 375f for 15-20 min. Add black olives and use food color pen to draw some legs.

Then look how cute these monster eye cookies are! We actually bought a kid at target but could be easily made with out one. Dye done cookie dough to desired color, bake according to directions, add some eyeballs!

Something fun for the family to do together!

Lastly, here is a super easy fun breakfast for Halloween week!

I just grabbed 1/2 dozen of donuts at the grocery store for 2$. Used some candy to make a face and sprinkles and icing to make Halloween colors!

Or you could let kids decorate themselves for a fun halloween breakfast activity!

I will be adding some fall / Halloween themed bento boxes next week!

What’s your favorite holiday to make themed food for?

I hope you love themed food as much as I do 😍😍

Xx maygen

Disney outfits


Guys, I’m a sucker for coordinating outfits for my family. I gotta do it while my kids still let me, right?

So let’s get started with some coordinating Disney outfits from our trip.

This was the outfits I had set out for the plane ride and tell the kids the big news of where we were goin.

My first trip to Disney tees were made by me.

Black bottoms from Macy’s.

Then found them both some cute Mickey and Minnie high top tennis shoes from targets.

Plus my favorite lululemon joggers for traveling!

This Mickey Mouse bathing suit was a must when I saw it.

H&M has some super cute Disney outfits for the entire family. This suit was less than 15$ you can’t beat that price anywhere!

My daughters black suit is from old navy with some red bows.

Daddy mouse, mommy mouse, brother mouse, sister mouse, tees made by me. There is tons of options on Etsy though for similar tees.

I paired it with white bottoms for everyone and black shoes.

Mine and my husband’s shorts are from Jcrew.

The kids shoes are both adidas from Journey Kidz.

Okay these are prob some of my favorite outfits from the trip.

Let’s start with these matching mommy and me leo and top from Raising wilds.

My jean shorts are from Gap.

My favorite hoops from Straine.

My son’s lion Mickey Mouse shirt was perfect for our day at animal kingdom. I ordered it from cutiescake studio on Etsy. Then I found some orange shorts from H&M which matched the shirt perfectly.

I got my husband an orange shirt by Hugo boss at Nordstrom rack with some khaki shorts to coordinate.

Then these cute toy story themed shorts from urban comfort apparel on Etsy with T-shirt’s made by me that said “you’ve got a friend in me.”

Then this super cute Mickey skort from one of our favorite small shops, The haltered thread

My domestic goddess tee from The pine torch. Use code mayritchie for discount.

Then this birthday boy shirt for our son’s birthday at Disney World. The shirt is from trendy pines on Etsy.

Then the cutest park hop till you drop Leo from Mamma and addy boutique and the cutest distressed Minnie Mouse shorts from messy lemon apparel on Etsy. Then of course Minnie Mouse shoes from mini Melissa, I would advise sizing up and wearing socks with them.

Then these super cute floral shirts for the boys from old navy were just adorable paired with some navy shorts for doing a little adventure on our last day in Orlando.

Then Briley and me coordinating in some denim outfits. My romper is from Vici dolls and her dress from old navy as well.

I love to support small shops and custom outfits. But, also have a few go to stores for lots of basic and cute things.

Do you have any favorite Disney outfits or places to shop for coordinating family outfits?!?

Orlando trip part 2

Family trips/ reviews

Y’all a week in Orlando with two toddlers is a longtime! We knew we would have a couple late nights at Disney World so we didn’t want to do Disney everyday. So we found other options.

The first place we went was Legoland! It was actually a lot more fun than I imagined.

The entry to get in was little pricey around 70-100$ a person, but we ended up spending a good 5 hours there.

There was tons of rides for the whole family, most of which had short lines. There was a few that our one year old couldn’t do, but there was games and play places.

There was TONS of awesome LEGO statues all through out the park!

When you first walk in the park there is a two story LEGO themed merry go round. What kid doesn’t love a merry go round?

After we entered we went to duplo valley, which is the perfect place for younger kids. We did quite a few rides there, from a LEGO tractor ride, a train ride, and a cute safari ride. Everything was made out of legos and looked so cute!

Then there was medieval area, which didn’t have as many rides for kids. The cutest josting ride was the cutest ride and our son loved it!

There was a cute LEGO boat ride, which I think we rode more than once!

Then this interactive fire truck ride was so much fun for the family to work together. You have to push a lever up and down to get to the other end then squirt to put the fire out and get back to other end. There was no line for this and we did this more than once.

Another cool thing about LEGOland was that a lot of rides had a table with legos so the kids could play while we waited in line for rides.

The boys enjoyed this over the boat ride, it was suitable for a little older kids. We got to play with legos while we waited on the boys.

There was also some carnival type games to pay through out the park that cost 5-10$ a play.

Then there was an entire LEGO area that had characters, countries, places, and events all made out of legos which was really neat to walk around.

Where we ate wasn’t the best, it only had fried options which isn’t my favorite options. But it was quick, fast, and pretty reasonable.

Overall if we had the chance to go to LEGOland again, we would. There is a few different locations all over the world. This is the largest location, so I am not sure about the other locations. But, Orlando’s location you can defiantly spend an entire day of fun.

Another fun place that we ventured to one afternoon was Disney Springs. It is technically owned by Disney World, but you don’t have to have a ticket to go to it. It’s a boardwalk with stores, restaurants, and a few activities.

We wanted to eat at TREX restaurant, but couldn’t get reservations. It is technically owned by Disney World. If you want to eat there, plan ahead in order to get a reservation.

But, we did stop in to let the kids look at the gift store and have a special desert for the almost birthday boy. We got their huge desert with cake, ice cream, and dry ice smoke. It was a lot and only cost 17$.

Then we went for an amphi car ride. There is only about 30 left in the world and Disney Springs has 8 of them. It is a little costly, over 100$ for a 20 min ride. But, it was a fun a unique experience.

We had reservations at the Boat house, which is highly recommended. It was defiantly the best food we ate while there. It also, gave us a 20$ discount for the amphi car ride. I would recommend making a reservation to eat there as well.

We sat on the patio on the water with a wonderful view and the kids meals were served in these little cars which the kids loved.

Then the kids rode a merry go round, train ride, and played at the LEGO store!

Over all Disney Springs was a fun place to spend a couple hours in the afternoon!

Then our last full day we went to SEA LiFE aquarium and wax museum. We debated going to Sea World, but we weren’t going to spend all day so we didn’t want to pay the $100 entry.

But we were very pleased with the aquarium and wax Musem for $40. The aquarium was actually very interactive for young children.

There was also a “mermaid ” there which the kids enjoyed as well. We weren’t to sure what the wax museum would be like, but it was super kid friendly. There was tons on activities to do at most exhibits!

There is also the ICON there which is a huge enclosed Ferris wheel, if you plan on doing all 3 it is way cheaper to buy the bundle. Our kids were to scared, because it is massive! There is other things there such as, bone museum, arcade, restaurants, and candy store. You could easily spend an entire afternoon here.

But we were going to our last stop, the worlds largest McDonald’s! Our son like most kids for some reason, love McDonald’s.

Is serves pizza and pasta along with the regular menu items. They have an elevator to go up the the top floor. There is a 3 story jungle gym as well as arcade!

We also ate at Kobe’s one night, which was fun and kept the kids entertained at dinner!

Have you been to any of these places?!?

Feel free to ask any other questions about Orlando with toddlers!



Disney world with toddlers

Family trips/ reviews

This picture is at Hollywood and Vine for Minnie’s Halloween dinner.

The kids knew we were going on a “road trip,” but we didn’t tell them we were going to Disney World that morning before we left.

Okay so let’s start with travel. We were on the runway for TWO hours due to weather delay, making our 2 our travel turn into 4. But, we were prepared with activities, snacks, and iPads.

We stayed at Disney’s Art of Animation, which is considered on resort, but you are not inside the tram loop. We rented a car, which was great for going to the park, doing things off property, and getting groceries. If you are staying on property you do not have to pay to park at the parks.

We got the Cars Suite, which had a master bedroom, a table that pulled out into bed, living room area, and extra bathroom.

The resort had different themed areas; cars, little mermaid, lion king, and finding Nemo. The kids loved walking around and seeing all the characters.

The hotel had 3 pools, a large finding Nemo pool in the middle, a small cars themed at our end, and a small little mermaid on the other end.

Swimsuit Mickey Mouse swimsuit

The large pool in the middle was Nemo themed, there was a gradual entry, and a small splash pad. They had trivia and music and a movie at night.

Then there was the small cars pool, which had the cutest cone teepees.

So over all we loved the resort. It was just a few minutes to all the parks, but the cafeteria style restaurant is the only thing at the resort which was kind of a negative. Also, the price of the food and drinks but o guess that is to be expected at Disney World. Art of animation is actually a budget friendly Disney resort. The size of our room for the price is hard to beat at Disney.

We rented a stroller from private company rather than the park. We used Kingdom strollers, so they drop it off at the hotel and you drop it off before you leave. You can take it wherever you go, where as renting the stroller from the park you can not take it with you.

We did 3 days at Disney World, with the park hopper and Mickey’s not so scary Halloween party.

First park we went was Animal Kingdom. I wouldn’t consider this park the best for toddler, but the kids did have fun.

We rode the avatar boat ride which had a cool light show, but wasn’t a toddler favorite.

We met safari mickey and minnie, which the kids enjoyed.

The safari ride was a toddler favorite for sure! They had tons of animals to see up close.

Then we stumbled upon Dinosaur USA, which is a great toddler area. They have a jungle gym area to play at, dinosaur spin ride, and games.

Playing and climbing in the dinosaur playground.

We rode the dinosaur flying ride a couple times, because there wasn’t much of a line and the kids loved it. There is a bigger dinosaur rollercoaster, that we had a fast pass for but once our 4 year old saw it he said it was to scary.

We also saw the Nemo live musical, which was a fun show that the kids enjoyed. It was nice to be inside and have some air condition for a while too!

We had lunch at the dinosaur area at an order at the counter place, with quick food.

Then I made a mistake by making reservations at Tiffins. The restaurant is fine dining and the kids were not thrilled. The art and setup was beautiful, but wouldn’t consider taking young kids to eat there.

The next park was Magic Kingdom, which was by far our favorite. We could have went back another day, because there were rides that we didn’t get a chance to ride. We took a break mid day when it started to rain, because we were going back for Mickeys Halloween party.

Let’s talk about this Buzz Lightyear shooting ride, I think our son rode it 4 times that day. It was a favorite for both kids.

Also, in Tomorrowland is astroblaster which was a little scary for me. Haha.

Then we went on the people mover, it’s not really a ride. It takes your through all the rides in Tomorrowland which was pretty neat and there wasn’t a line for it.

From Tomorrowland we can’t to fantasy island where the kids split a Cheshire cattail which was yummy. It was under $6 so one of the cheaper things at the park.

After a quick snack, we were onto rides. Next on the list was the dumbo ride, which is another great toddler option. We didn’t do a fast pass for this ride either because the line was short. When you went inside the line they actually had a little dumbo play area that the kids enjoyed. We actually rode this ride 2-3 times.

In between tomorrow land and fantasy island was the Tomorrowland race track. We used a fast pass the first time and then went back for the party and didn’t use it.

For lunch we ate at Casey’s famous Hot dogs on Main Street. The boys had Mac and cheese hot dogs and I enjoyed a organic veggie dog with slaw on top and a side of apples. It was actually good and nice to have healthier options. The kids also split their mint Julep slushy and it was very good. It was a lot of food and we didn’t eat it all, but the price wasn’t outrageous considering the amount of food we got.

Another fun ride the kids enjoyed was Whinnie the Pooh ride! It also, had a little play areas while waiting in line. The kids enjoyed running around some before getting on rides. We also, used a fast pass for this ride.

Another ride we used a fast pass on was it’s a small world boat ride. The kids loved the music and all the themes throughout the ride.

Then we ventured over to Adventureland and rode Aladdin’s magic carpet ride, this is similar to dumbo and great for toddlers. I think we might have rode this twice as well without a fast pass.

Then we took a a break because we were going to Mickeys not so scary Halloween party. In order to go to the party you have to have park admission plus tickets to the Halloween party. Between the two tickets it was pretty pricey. We went back before truck or treating started and got to do a couple of the rides again because the park closed early we didn’t have long lines.

We also rode the boat safari ride in Adventureland which was a little cheesy and fake. The kids weren’t impressed, but they were fine.

Someone decided not to wear their dinosaur costume, but we all got festive on Halloween shirts. We did a little trick or treating before our dinner reservation at the Crystal Palace. It was Halloween themed and the deserts were Halloween themed. All the Pooh characters were at the restaurant walking around the buffet style restaurant. The cost for character dinning is pricey, but if you want to see the characters without waiting in long lines it’s perfect. The food is okay, but it’s nice quick and easy.

We left magic kingdom a little after 9 PM! The kids got so much candy and enjoyed trick or treating.

One benefit of having a 1 year old is there free to get in the park and the Halloween party, but not y’all enough for lots of rides. Also, their buffet character dinning meals are discounted because they don’t eat as much.

Overall we spent about 9 hours at magic kingdom and had a blast. One of the best things about the Halloween party is getting to go on rides without as long of lines.

Our third and final day at Disney World was spent at Hollywood Studios. The kids were excited to get to toy story land. We got there 30 min before the park opened and headed straight to toy story land, but that is what it seems everyone did. This was the busiest park that we went to it seemed.

We had breakfast in Woodys lunch box, they had a s’more sandwich and magical slushy. They also had a poptart that seemed to be super popular and reasonably priced.

We rode the toy story mania 2-3 times. The kids enjoyed this ride! We used a fast pass and we also waited 25 min in line.

We also did the alien ride in toy story land without a fast pass and the wait was about 30 minutes. The kids enjoyed this ride and it went a little bit faster than I expected.

Then the slinky ride had an issue and wasn’t open when the park opened so they stood in line for an hour and a half to ride it. It was a little scary for a boy turning 4 that day. As far an toddler friendly rides in Hollywood studios there isn’t too may.

We did however do the 3D mullet experience and the kids loved that!

Then we took a break before we went back to dinner at Hollywood and Vine for Minnie’s Halloween dinner. All the characters were dressed up.

It was another buffet style character dinning, which the kids are still a little unsure about the characters.

Over all we had a blast and the kids were great!

I would recommend getting a rental car if you want to get any groceries or go other places which we did .

Also, rent stroller from third party for best rates and flexibility.

We didn’t do the meal plans because we put off resort a lot to and I saw a lot of people not using all their meal plans. Unless you plan on eating only on Disney properties, I wouldn’t do the meal plan.

Magic kingdom was by far our favorite, we could have done the other 2 parks in one day and went back to magic kingdom since we had the park hopper.

We think we will go again when the kids are 5 and 7 and that will be the absolute perfect age!

I will post a separate blog about the other places we went in Orlando!

What is your favorite thing at Disney?

Let me know if you have any questions about toddler and Disney or just Disney!