Traveling with toddlers

Family trips/ reviews

Are you a list maker when you travel?!? Y’all, packing for a family of four with an almost 4 year and and 2 year old it’s a necessity.

We are leaving in less than two days for a Disney birthday trip! We have been traveling with the kids since they were newborns and that stemmed like the easiest time. Now toddler travel is a whole new game.

Here is an overview of what the kids backpacks and my bag will be packed with. I will keep the bigger things and candy so they don’t go crazy or I can use it if sh*^ hits the fan. Right? !

This is the thing I am probably most excited about. Kids vetch kidvoom camera. I ordered our son one and he loved it then sister wanted one too. She is a little bit young, but seemed to enjoy it so we got her one. It has games, camera, and video. I originally ordered it because, I want to see how our kids view the trips through their eyes. We’re busy chasing to kids, getting the perfect picture, following maps, and getting to reservations. We miss what is important in THEIR eyes, this trip we do for THEM! It has two eye holes like binoculars and the kids see it great and it’s easy to use.

Okay this SURPRISE obsession kids have over the tiniest things is crazy, but keep the kids busy. Here our a few of our surprise toys that keep the kids busy for quite a while.

Play pal foam this one is great because not only is their a surprise in it, the kids can play with the foam after. Double win!

Mashems. Oh mashems. I am not sure what the fascination is with these things. We have tons of them. But, the kids seriously love the surprise and squeezing them.

5 surprise ball another random surprise toy that kids love. My son loves opening each compartment. Prices vary at location, we bought our last one on amazon. Usually we get them at target for $6.

Okay, let’s talk Melissa and Doug. They are a go to for toys and education. These are great travel activists.

For our son, I got the Melissa and Doug tape book, good thing is this keeps him busy and quite for a while.

For our daughter, I got the Princess sticker book, another great activity to keep her quiet and busy!

Then their is snacks. Because toddlers LOVE snacks.

And surprise chocolate eggs are always the ultimate win. I won’t break these bad boys out of my bag until we NEED them. I just grabbed these at the target register, but they have them at almost all stores.

Then Smashmellows another yummy treat that takes the kids to eat.

Boom chicka pop a healthy snack that the kids love and take a while to snack on as well.

Albanese gummy worms are a favorite of mine, because they are gluten free, low sugar, and no artificial die. The kids think their the best!

Here is our daughters backpack with her goodies then my bag will have a few special treats as mentioned above.

We also, put the imagine ink from the target dollar bin, headphones, gogo squeeze, and kind granola bar.

What are some of your toddler travel necessities ? What are your favorite Disney adventures ?

Hope you enjoy our travel fun!



Coordinating Outfits


Y’all, one of my favorite things to do it to shop. Duh. But, what I really live for is to coordinate my kids or match with my mini. Like seriously, I plan on doing it for as long as I can. Before, I know it they will be embarrassed. So I am going to live it up while I can. Even if you don’t want to coordinate these are some of my favorite places to shop.

Im going to start out with my top Mommy and Me Shops!

First we have Pineapple Clothing. Use code mayrit for 20% off. Serisously, there stuff is not average mommy and me. It is great quality and cute stuff that I would pick out for myself. One of my favorite looks are these dresses.

Another one of my favorite places is Harlow and Jade. These jumpsuits are so comfy, cute, flattering, and chic! We got so many compliments from everyone when we wore these!

Well, lets not forget my favorite place for pom pom shorties! P and the Lion. We have multiple pairs, not just for mommy and daughter. We have mommy and son and daughter matching shorts!

My newest find is Little Mia Bella! These are handmade and ship super quick! We also, got tons of compliments on these as well. The best things about all these shop is even when my daughter outgrows her stuff, mine will still fit and its still cute enough to wear without matching her. So it’s a win, win. Am I right, or am I right?

Do you have any mommy and me shops with cute clothes that you would recommend?

Brother and Sister coordinating is another thing I am guilty of.  Lets face it, I am stay at home mom with two toddlers so sometimes getting ready isn’t really in my schedule. So I love to match my kids.

Holy Macaroni! My favorite place for tees for the entire family is The Pine Torch. Use code mayritchie for 20% off!

For Holiday coordinating stuff, our go to is Dream Big Little Co.

Here is our newest Halloween outfits, even though it doesn’t quite feel like fall in Texas. We have some more halloween outfits coming soon and will be making a Christmas purchase soon.

Another go to favorite story for matching is Janie and Jack, they usually always have similar colors or patterns in both genders for every season. Sometimes, they can be a little pricey. Join their mailing list to receive special coupons and sale information.

Lastly, is coordinating outfits from The Collective Child. Use code Mayritchie15 to save. These colors were from our fall box. The colors coordinate great and the brand is Rylee + Cru.

Do you love to match or little? or dress your littles to match? I love finding smaller shops with quality clothes. Feel free to comment some of you favorite.

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P.S. Family Disney outfits coming after our trip next week so stay tuned for some Disney fun family outfits! 😀


Family trips/ reviews

This is my personal review on Great Wolf Lodge, not sponsored. We visited Great Wolf Lodge in Grapevine, Texas. I didn’t know that they had GWL all through the United States, so if Texas is not close to you check to see if there is one close to you!

So the moment we walked in the kids were in awe of the waterpark through the glass and the trees throughout the lobby. Every kid gets a pair of wolf ears upon check in and the kids were having so much fun with them.


Rompers from little mia bella

Okay, so I would say that there is a negative which is the price of the hotel rooms. We got a group rate because we were there for a pageant, but themed rooms are around 400$ a night depending on the season. They do run specials and discounts through out the year, so if you are thinking about going I would just keep an eye out for that.

Okay, lets get to the themed rooms! The kids were so excited when we walked in!


We had the kid camp room, which included a queen bed, separate room with the themed bunked and own tv, mini fridge, sink, bathroom, microwave, and large counter space. It was nice that there was a tv in the bedroom and also in the kid area. We had some ” relax/nap” time so it was nice the kids could relax and watch their shows and we didn’t have to watch them.


This is in the lobby where there are dance parties and story time and other activites with workers and sometimes characters. This is across from the buffet that we ate at the first night. The buffet quality of the food was good and the kids were obsessed with the chocolate fountain with fruit, cake, and marshmallows to dip in. Then we hit up the arcade. There is quite a nice size arcade on the first floor, I found the arcade a little but more expensive than something local. The kids had fun and got a few prizes.


Day 2, our daughter had a pageant so the majority of the morning we were doing that. Then around 1:30 we went to the waterpark, it is nice because part of it is inside so that if the weather isn’t great there is still lots to do. We also, had lunch there just some hotdogs and sandwiches. Just regular waterpark food, nothing to rave about.


There is the magic quest that is super cool. You buy a sword then go through out the hotel with interactive light up chest and other things to find clues and solve the mystery. Our kids were a little young to understand the concept, but we saw many kids and families going through out the hotel doing the search and they were having a great time. I think it is great, but it is getting families to spend time together and work on things together instead of watching iPad or Tv.

We had pizza delivered to our room the next night because the kids were worn out from the pageant, water park, and arcade again. There is another sit down style restaurant that we didn’t make it to. They also have a Starbucks and bakery. There is a build a bear type station on the arcade floor along with a candy bar where you can fill up a cup of candy for 12$.


Overall, we had a great time. I think it is a great place for a family vacation or birthday trip. We saw many rooms that had birthday banners on their doors. It is nice because we didn’t have to leave the hotel for anything. Everything that we needed was all right there. If you were planning on staying more than a weekend, I think you would have to find some other activities around. The location in Grapevine, is close to Dallas to there is lots to do around the area.

Have you been to GWL? Or do you have a favorite family style resort and hotel to go to for the weekend?

P.S. Our son got these super cute and comfy wolf slippers in the gift shop and he is in love with them. Way better purchase than another stuffed animal.



bento boxes

Hey, I know packing lunch can be frustrating and sometimes you don’t know what to pack. But, I am here to help! I have some fun ideas and they seriously take barley anytime. I enjoy meal planning and grocery shopping, not everyone does. So, for those who want some help or don’t feel that they are creative, I am here to help!

First up is the DINO BENTO BOX, because lets face it most 3 year olds are obsessed with Dinos.


Promise this BENTO BOX IS EASY PEASY: Just takes a little planning and supplies.

It is lunch meat with a cheese dino made from a cookie cutter on amazon. DINO COOKIE CUTTER.

Broccoli trees and cucumber forest.

BOILED DINO EGG over olive rocks. Use a food color pen to draw the “cracked egged.” This pen will come in handy!  food color pen.

Container for ranch for the veggies because lets face it, if your toddler eat veggies they need ranch right? mini containers

Plus, I threw in an extra vegan muffin for more food. We get them at our local HEB and the kids love them. Low sugar, real ingredients, no dairy!

Next Bento box up is… OUT OF THIS WORLD BENTO BOX


SERIOUSLY, super easy! I made this all the night before.

I actually used a “snowflake” cookie cutter because I didn’t have a star. Literally carb balance tortilla, lunch meat, and slice of cheese. Use the cookie cutter to cute the shape out before putting it on skillet.

Next is a protein muffin with a little sugar free chocolate syrup and some sprinkles for the GALAXY. I made these protein muffins in bulk and stick some in the freezer to have on hand. I use the KODIAK MIX, with extra egg and almond milk for more protein and fat.

Then the alien apple, take a green apple cut it in half and use gel or cream cheese to stick the EYEBALLS on.

(( see it is possible to be a amazon prime mom and a pintrest mom, because all my thinks are amazon))



Cresent Octopus over pepperoni and olive rocks. To make the octopus, I used annie’s canned crescent rolls. I took one triangle and cut 7 strips. After that, I took the left over corner and cut a cheese stick piece off and rolled the crescent around it. Next, I took the legs and attached them to the head and added olive pieces for the eyes. Baked in the oven at 325f for 12 min.

Kiwi turtle cut 3 grapes in half and used a slice of kiwi, I used toothpicks to stick through the kiwi and stick through the grapes.

Then through some gold fish, because what kid doesn’t love gold fish. Oh and its easy.

But, y’all one of the best tips I can give, is making it the night before. Plus, planning. I know that part is easier said than done.

Next Bento Box, The Weather Bento Box. image4.jpeg

I used kitchen siscors to cut out a cloud, then i filled it with GREEN CREAM CHEESE from my favorite site BABY FOODE.

Blueberry rain and cheese cloud.

Once again, I used the edible marker and eyeballs linked above.

Some lunches are more creative and time consusiming than others. Besides, making the cream cheese this bento box took seconds. Make the spread the night before and it makes life so much easier!

Okay, next up on the list the the RACE CAR box. I thought it would be one of my son’s favorite because, he loves cars and apples. But, he wasn’t a big fan of the thick bread for the sandwich. I still think it is a cute idea though and can always be modified.


CAR SANDWICH using fresh baked bread at HEB with applegate turkey and cheese, using toothpicks for the cucumber tires.

Then ORANGE TRAFFIC cones, used a cheez it and cut a carrot into a triangle using ranch to stick them together.

Then stop light apples. Red, yellow, and green apples.

Last BENTO BOX for this post.




This one isn’t the prettiest but, it was fun.

I used a green spinach tortilla and used kitchen siscorrs to cut it into the shapes I wanted then filled the body of the tortilla with pizza sauce, pepperoni, and mozzarella.

Over blueberry water.

With a cheese and mac and cheese sun. I used a circle cheese and made a face with black olives and pepperoni and macaroni around the circle.


WELLLL, I hope that everyone enjoyed some fun lunch ideas. Does anyone have anything that they would like to see?

I am thinking not about themes, but maybe colors or letters. Plus, I will make one about NO sandwiches.

What are your kids favorite things to eat? Maybe I can incorporate them into some fun lunch ideas!

Have a great weekend!





IMG_1077_Facetune_12-09-2018-14-01-03WHAT KIND OF MOM ARE YOU?

We have all seen these things, putting a label on different kinds of moms. Things like, “crunchy mom,” “granola mom,” ” helicopter mom,” “pintrest mom,” “wine drinking mom,” “work out mom.” The list could seriously go on forever, so I think you get the point?

But, I don’t like to be labeled into ONE type of mom. I like to think of myself as a balancing mom.

Let me give you a little perspective into that.

Some days my kids get kale smoothies and some days they get Mcdonalds happy meal. Balance right?

Some days I have fun crafts or museum outings and other days I have over the iPad. Balance right?

Some days I work hard to clean the house and constantly pick up, and other days I put all my focus on them. Balance right?

Some days I feel like after 2 kids I am rocking this mom game, and other days I feel like I’m loosing it! Balance right?

Some days I go to the gym to actually train and somedays I just have coffee in the cafe for a break. Balance right?

Some days my kinds have pintrest bento box lunches and other days, I just throw whatever lefts overs are in the fridge in them. Balance right?

You may say to yourself, my kids never have a kale smoothies, my kids never have mcdonalds, my kids never have the iPad, or my house is always clean. OK. Cool. But, there are other aspects in your parenting life that you find glance and don’t always give them what you always had planned. Raising kids is hard, so sometimes its okay to not always be the mom that you had PLANNED. Or heck, I never planned on being the way that I am as a mom. Life just happens,

Moral of the story, I don’t care what “kind of mom” you are, we all have days. We can’t always have perfect days. Some days are just flat out harder than others, some people have more help than others, we don’t all portray every part of our lives, and some days we are just tired.

But, I think instead of categorizing “moms” into any category, we should all build each other up, fix each others crowns, compliment each other, support each other, and not judge one another.

(( in my case ill pour you a glass of wine, and say better luck tomorrow.))

So the next time you feel like your rocking that mom game look out for a mom who doesn’t feel that way and build her up. Or even when you don’t like your rocking you mom game and you can still reach out and find comfort and companionship in another mom who feels that way.

Mom life if hard, but at the end of the day I think were all balancing it in our own way. Am I right? How do you balance? How can you help another mom, build herself up? How can you make yourself feel like your rocking your mom game?

No need to label us mom. we’re all moms trying to do our best. Raise our kids to be the best kids we can make and give them things we never had.

P.S. Your doing a great job and if you don’t feel that way, tomorrow will be better.

Just try to find the YING TO YOUR YANG, your doing a great job!

Hoodie from Pine Torch.

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