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We are just outside Houston but we love to venture around and explore the city and surrounding areas. I’m going to give you some of our favorite places !

I’m going to start with some perfect places for girls lunch/ brunch.

One of my favorite places is Bloom and Bee located in the Post Oak hotel. From the ceiling to the pink chairs, the view and the food this place is a must.

Their sangria is so yummy and full of flavor.

Their ceviche was so yummy and their salads were full of flavor. They have things on the menu for everyone.

Another place perfect after a day of shopping with the girls is Fig + Olive

The perfect place to share some appetizers and have a glass of rose.

Their crostini’s were so good and the perfect thing to try different kids of with your girls!

Another great super cute place to share things is Dunlavy

From the large amount of chandeliers hanging from the ceiling and their view this is the perfect place for photo ops.

But let’s not forget about their appetizers. Y’all we ordered a few different things and the uniqueness and tastiness of them were out of this world. Not to mention their mimosas were pretty yummy too.

Now a few places that are great for girls day, dates, and even family friendly.


I have been to brunch with my husband after staying downtown for a night. Their unique brunch and bloody Mary’s take basic things and make them EXTRA. And we all know I like things Extra.

Flaming hot Cheeto Bloody Mary and apple jack donuts!

Then when I took the kids for lunch after paw patrol live for desert we have the pop tart ice cream sandwich

Then one of our favorite places to stop when downtown is Little Matt’s

We love this place the food is basic things that would please everyone in the group. They have a few games in the back so I always give the kids some quarters. Their margaritas are so good and the kids usually finish off with an ICEE. The customer service and vibes make it a standout.

Another one of my favorite places for lunch with girls or kids that is more casual is Flower Child

A great place for a date night or special anniversary is Cureeight.

An 8 course tasting menu in The Woodlands. I love tasting menus for the variety and experience. This place is a little pricey and very intimate so reservations required.

If you venture to one of these recommendations I would love to hear about it! Or if you have a must in the Houston and surrounding areas I would love to hear.



Napa valley trip part II

Family trips/ reviews

Day two was our first full day and started out with a busy day.

We were doing the Legacy Wine Train

This is a must do. They have multiple options for time and price. We chose the 4.5 hour ride, 4 course meal, and 3 winery options.

Mini dress

Otk boots

Once we boarded the train

We were greeted with a champagne toast

And our menu for the ride. Our first course wS a breakfast style meal. Blueberry crepes. BBQ back-fat type of bacon and eggs with caviar.

Our first winery stop was Robert Mondavi

The winery is gorgeous. The art is spectacular and the wine was good. Even without doing the wine train I would highly recommend this winery for the scenery.

Then we got back on the train when we were given 2 options for our main course. Steak or salmon.

I chose the tenderloin with potato salad and hollandaise sauce, which was very good.

I also had a cucumber refresher which was Prosecco with cucumbers to switch up the flavors but still stick to wine.

Our next stop was Charles krug winery.

As far as wine tastings go this was my favorite winery. Our tour guide gave a great tour as well as options to try other wines which we ended up purchasing.

Then we got back on the train for our next course.

Which was a ricotta type cheese with olives and flat bread.

Then we stopped at our last winery V.sattui

This tasting was set up a little different as the wines were on the table for each person as they went through them because of the size of people.

Then we were free to kind of wonder the property. It was pretty busy and family friendly. This seemed like a great place to hang out and spend some time if you had kids or free time.

Then we got back on the train for the last course and the ride back to the station.

Then after getting off the wine train we went over to cru where we hung out on the patio and had more wine. It was a very cute chill place. Then a few hours later we went to a seafood place that was very good as well.

Then as if we hadn’t had enough food we got our Uber to take us on a late night trip to in and out. It was so busy and full of families and teens. We got the fries monster style and they were good.

Then we got to bed because we had an early morning for the hot air ballon.

Over all I highly recommend the wine train any of them would be wonderful.

If you have any questions feel free to ask! I hope you get the chance to go! It is truly an amazing time.

Napa Valley travel guide I

Family trips/ reviews

Wine wine and more wine.

It was a fabulous time we didn’t stop from the time our feet hit Cali to the time we went up in the hot air ballon. I can’t even tell you how much fooood and drinks I had their but it was so worth it.

Our flight was delayed by over an hour which put us behind our tight schedule.

Our first stop was Castello di amorosa

We were suppose to have the guided tour but due to our delay we missed it and only had time for a short tasting. In the off season everything closes around 5 pm as far as wineries which seemed early but is the norm there.

Maxi dress

Not going to lie I am sad we didn’t get to do the tour because I have heard great things and their staff was not super friendly as we arrived close to closing and their wine was mediocre. If you go I highly suggest doing to tour as far as a photo opt it’s beautiful.

We had a little extra time before dinner since we didn’t get the tour and was told about this cute little place down the road.

Brass wood which was super cute and intimate. We had the daily hand spun mozzarella and when I tell you I could have had 10 more plates I could have.

It was quite when we got there but filled up fast with reservations so I would make sure you make reservations.

We just shared a few things there as we had dinner somewhere else but everything here was exceptional.

Next our dinner was at Farmstead.

It is a highly recommended restaurant with great reviews. The name is exactly as it says a little farm style restaurant. It was again quite busy and we had to wait even with reservations.

We had a few plates of the pimento cheese deviled eggs which were so yummy. We were also celebrating birthday so they brought each of us our own ice cream with candle.

Over all the dining experience was wonderful.

I would recommend renting a car or car service before arrival as ubering every got quite pricey.

This was our first night there and it was fantastic filled with great food, drinks, and company. But just wait until day two.

Family Christmas pajamas


Welllll Halloween is over and Thanksgiving will be here before we know it so it’s basically Christmas and what good Christmas is it without matching family pajamas?

If you know me you know I’m a sucker for matching. #sorrykids

I’m going to start by sharing ones we ordered this year now we just need to cut down a tree.

Kids pjs



One of the best things about Old Navy is they always have sales and coupons so you could get each set for less than 30$.

We also have matching family pajamas from Target which are also a great price point. These last few years Target has really been stepping up their game. They have tons of styles and patterns this year we well.

I really love this buffalo plaid print because I feel you could wear it all holiday season long.

Women’s plaid

Men’s plaid

The next one I absolutely love is from Hannah Anderson. We have some PJs for the kids from their and the quality is amazing and stretchy they last forever. You can occasionally catch a sale there as well. They have some super fun Mickey Mouse and Star Wars prints too.




Also, Macy’s has come out with some different Christmas family pjs at a great price point.

Macy’s family

And well as we know life happens there are also options on amazon. I can’t speak for the quality but, might have to order some to let you know.

As always I hope this helps and if you have any recommendations or order any of these I would love to hear.



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Gifts for MIL

holidays guides

I always find my in-laws are the hardest to buy for. Or my husband because I can’t his a big purchase and he buys what he wants. Lol

I always try to be a thoughtful gift giver and give something special or homemade along with a nice item. So I have rounded up a few of my top picks for MIL’s.

First up is

Barefoot dreams blanket

And another option a littler more pricey

Cozy barefoot dreams blanket

I know it’s crazy for a blanket but, it’s worth it. It’s the coziest thing you’ll ever cover up in. Promise.

UGG slippers

The comfiest cozy slippers you’ll ever own. As you can tell I like to be comfy at home and I’m sure your MIL does too.

These are practical items they can actually use.

This candle is a top selling candle on Anthropologie consistently. This is great to bundle with other items or make a gift basket with.

Anthropologie candle

And hey listen, if you think they have enough blankets let them wear one outside the house. This is the coziest thing you’ll ever wear. If you live somewhere cold like my in-laws, the middle of Canada you will definitely appreciate this. Cute, comfy, and cozy.

Barefoot dreams wrap

The kitchen stuff gets me all the time. This is the cutest little chic tea set for two and so affordable. This would be a great gift for your MIL or so many others.

Tea set for two

Last but, not least. A scarf is a perfect gift especially when it feels this good.

Comes in multiple colors and a great accessory to any outfit.


I hope you enjoyed some of my top picks. I will do a homemade/ custom gift guide as well as list a top higher end items as well.

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2 ways Thursday


Anybody else love a piece you can wear different ways?


Anybody else love leopard like me?

Then continue. This is for you.

Anybody love to be classic sometimes but sometimes be a little edgy?

Oh that’s me too.

So I have brought one of my favorite leopard skirts that is the perfect way to transition into fall and styled it 2 ways.

Hence the name… 2 ways Thursday.

Without further ado here is the first style. A more classic style with a black top and black mules.

Leopard skirt



Just pretending it’s fall in Texas but really it’s not. 🤣

Then if you want a more casual edgy look one of my favorite go to’s is to add a graphic tee to any outfit. Duh.

Graphic tee

Golden goose sneakers

The best thing about this outfit is that this tee is under 20$

I have so many graphic tees but this is one of the best steals.

These sneakers are such a good investment, not gonna lie I wasn’t going to get them but the amount of wear I get out of these are worth it. But, there is tons of places to get great dupes that are just as cute too!

Which one is your favorite style?


Have a fabulous Thursday loves

Twinning is winning


Y’all on Tuesday we Twin.

Until twinning isn’t cool anymore I’ll be that mom.

Toddler contrast pants

Mommy striped pants


Sometimes I buy things that are from the same place and sometimes I see things after I already have one item.

My biker shorts

My top

My denim jacket

Toddler biker short

Toddler denim jacket

My Reebok

We could change this whole world with a piano

Add a bass, some guitar, grab a beat and away we go

I’m just a boy with a one-man show

No university, no degree, but lord knows

Everybody’s talking ’bout exponential growth

And the stock market crashing in their portfolios

While I’ll be sitting here with a song that I wrote

Sing, love could change the world in a moment

But what do I know?

Love can change the world in a moment

But what do I know?

Love can change the world in a moment

Toddler jacket

Toddler skirt

I love me some matching outfits!

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If anyone else loves to match your little as much as me I would love to see !

Back to school bento box

bento boxes

Y’all some days I go alll out and other days I throw it in a bag. 🤣

So don’t think I always have it together and do it well. But I do enjoy creativity and food so this is fun for me.

Angry bird bento box

I made a grilled cheese and cut it in strips to use to build a fort then used green grapes and black gel.

I used Baybel cheese to create an angry bird and a kiwi as the monster.

Then black olives with carrot piece as a nose. It isn’t perfection but the concept is there.


Minions is one of our favorite movies so what better way to create a bento box.

I used a Hostess Twinkie and black icing Edible eye ball then I did the same thing with a banana.

I used mini corn dogs with edible eyeballs to create little minions.

Dooo doooo dooo dooo baby shark

Because who doesn’t want that song stuck in their head?

I used kitchen scissors to cut a shark like shape out of the bread for the sandwich.

Then I made blue jello and cut a pair to make the waves. I added goldfish, berries for ocean and yogurt raisins.

Spring time bento box

I used a hot dog and crescent roll to make a snail then I used a flower cookie cutter to make watermelon flowers.

I added blue jello for the sky and green grapes for the grass.

Ohh the kids loved this chicken and waffles theme.

This is super easy. I used frozen mini waffles and frozen chicken nuggets. I added Cascadian cereal, Greek yogurt, apples with cinnamon, and natural honey for dipping !

We love our Bentgo container

They are perfect for keeping things separate and dish wash great!

I hope you enjoyed some of my ideas. If you make any I would love to see!

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One dress three ways


Sometimes the best thing is to buy something that you can style different ways to create different outfits. Those are the items to spend more on or good denim or jackets.

I got this Leith dress from Nordstrom the other day and styled it 3 different ways.

The first of course it by itself. It could easily be dressed up or down and wore in many seasons.

I styled here as a transition to fall with this Denim dress some sandals and a fringe purse. You could also wear this denim dress buttoned up by itself.

Another way you could wear this dress is with a leopard cardigan and some espadrilles.

Leopard cardigan is from Beau Hudson which is the cutest shop started by a mom. My daughter has the matching one too.

And the last way I styled this was with a camo jacket tied around my waist which could be worn when indoor and air condition.

I wore with flats, but could defiantly be worn with some ankle booties for fall.

When buying a piece, just ask yourself how can I wear this? Is it worth the cost ?

All the clothing pieces in this were under 100$

The shoes, bags, and glasses, vary in more higher investment pieces.

If you want to see any other ways to style this dress or outfits let me know!!



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Hats, hats, and more hats


As we are all aware hats are defiantly a hot trend for this fall..

we are planning a girls trip to Napa so I deff need some good hats and for the few shorts months it’s fall in Texas.

I will start with my top pick

Goodnight macaroon hat

This hat is my top choice for many reasons.

First the style is super cute and trendy. The price point is under 30$ and even better it comes in 9 colors!!!

Revolve hat

My next one is a little bit of a splurge just over 100$ but totally looks designer and worth the price tag. I love the coloring of this hat different than the normal tan but still fit in the neutrals.

Then we have some brixton hats from Nordstrom which is one of my favorite brands for hats. I have two. They quality is amazing and the price tag isn’t to crazy usually under 60$

Grey hat

I don’t have a grey hat so I think this one is on my radar for this fall.

Blush hat

This hat is swooon and the perfect feminine touch and color which could even carry into spring. So bonus.

This is one of the hats I have and it is perfect for fall and winter. It doesn’t have a hard brim like some of the others which I like to switch it up.

Black brixton

To finish up my fall hat round up is this hat in an olive green and a great price point. it can be worn with light or dark neutrals.

Under 20$

And as I said we are planning a trip for Napa so just for fun I think it need to invest in this hat for after wine tastings.

Probably hungover

Let me know if you buy any of these hats for anything I can help you find!

Hope everyone is ready for fallll y’all!



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